Chinas army offensive ability increases Tank Type 99A2

The new modification of tank type 99 got adopted the 112th elite mechanized divisions of the 38th Army of the Beijing Military Area.

First information about the latest modification of head battle tank began to appear in 2007. It was said that 99A2 will develop a more severe multilayer armor. It will be reinforced newest dynamic protection that can protect against a tandem warhead anti-tank systems.

It was assumed that the tank commander will receive a multi-channel panoramic sight. Planned significant revision laser system active opposition. Before the Chinese objective was a task to increase the firepower and mobility properties.

It was expected that the upgraded tank will be shown in October 2009 at the anniversary parade. But during the festive event viewers have seen an old version of the Type 99.

Foreign observers have suggested that Chinese designers have faced in dealing with difficulties. Most likely, the situation was exactly the case. But at times appeared on the Web "accidentally made" pictures of the tank. This summer, were shown pictures of new tier of combat vehicles.

Outside tanks have some significant differences from the type of early 99 A2. The tower has undergone structural refinement. Power pack compartment also changed the look. Previously reported that Type 99A2, likely to have a 140-mm cannon. But judging by the shot, cannon left unchanged, is a copy of Russian 125-mm cannon. No different appearance and sights. Means the designers have not been able to make a modern multi-channel panoramic sight. As the commander through it can create only goal of days. At night used thermal imaging sight Gunner.

Since the Chinese are not in a hurry to spread the information about the tank, other properties of new items can be made only speculate.

In any case, the Chinese did tank builders new step to enhance the offensive abilities of Chinese ground forces.

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