Chinese farmers are faced with a mysterious phenomenon


17.05.11.V a village in Jiangsu province, eastern China, is located on the melon plantation life threatening. Neither the owners of the plantations, or local botanists can not understand why in this country, one after another burst of hundreds and thousands of watermelons, and the plantation of giant fruit is crashing, as of gunfire on the battlefield.

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While all speculated on the investigation took local journalists. Several hypotheses, but the most plausible version of the sound that all the fault of the farmers themselves, who sprayed crop so-called "growth hormone" — chemical substances permitted for use only in reasonable quantities.

However, experts and farmers themselves with this version do not agree, because careful analysis of exploding watermelons are not found in any "explosive" chemicals.

Scientists are more inclined to believe that the sudden explosion of the epidemic on the vine plantations somehow blame the weather or the huge size of berries. In total, the agency Xinhua, suffered more than a dozen farmers. Attention is drawn to the fact that they have planted imported seeds. But on the other hand, the exploding watermelons not all farmers benefit from these seeds.

Strange events in Jiangsu attracted the attention of all of China, because the country has developed a very serious situation with food safety — from spoiled and stuffed with all kinds of chemical products regularly killed dozens of people.


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