Chukotka in the airport police seized eight Red birds

The police at the airport in the Chukchi Anadyr not allow two residents take eight Red falcons merlins, said the Interior Ministry.

"Employees of the transport police noticed a man with an impressive cardboard box, inside which was a cage with a taxi. When checking through the X-ray television equipment found that the box was a double bottom. Were extracted from it merlin falcons," — said in a statement.

By the fact of review. The birds will be transferred to the Department of Agriculture specialists policy and management of the Chukotka Autonomous District.

In October, police intercepted a fourth month and a half trying to export merlins in Chukotka.

Merlin falcons are listed as endangered, and the first application of CITES (the international convention governing the rules of trade in rare species of animals and their products), their capture is totally banned in Russia and export of birds abroad without permission is prohibited.

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