Classes in the early grades canceled due to cold weather in Kolyma

Authorities Srednekansky Kolyma region on Tuesday canceled classes in junior high school because of the 48-degree cold, told RIA Novosti the EMERCOM Russia's Magadan region.

"Srednekanskaya area is the coldest in Kolyma, in other continental regions of a few degrees warmer. At a temperature of minus 48 degrees according to the standards laid cancel classes for pupils from grades one to four," — told the agency.

Pyatidesyatigradusnye frosts in Kolyma after a brief warming again brought anticyclone dominates the pole of cold in Yakutia — Oymyakon, told RIA Novosti Head of regional weather forecasting meteorologist Vera Zavadko.

"In the next three days, we do not expect warming. Forecasters predicts, extreme cold, we have been established for a long time," — said the interviewee.

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