Cleveland Volcano came into effect

Remote Aleutian volcano came into effect, the sky vyplesnuv small cloud of ash. Eruption occurred in 1504 miles southwest of Anchorage and was the strongest in the last year. According to one of the pilots, the ash cloud has risen by almost 11 kilometers above sea level. However, the photographs from the satellite, it is much less. The explosion was only one, like the one that occurred in Cleveland last year, and most likely, the cloud was really not that great.

The crater of the volcano Cleveland 201.168 m width forming a small lava cone, forming a huge, white cloud of steam. 08.08.2011 year.
Scientists believe that the event is only a threat to air travel, but for security reasons, domestic flight pilots warned of the danger, since it is not ruled out re-emission. Until recently, there was a decline of activity of Cleveland, so the level of danger of the volcano has been reduced.
Although Cleveland is one of the active volcanoes in Alaska, where no special seismic equipment, took its monitoring. The fact that the eruption, the researchers recognized by satellite imagery, according to witnesses, or some other way. At the same time in the observatory, located about volcanoes Anchorage, has everything you need to capture the signal of an impending eruption.

Location Cleveland volcano and other Aleutian volcanoes with respect to settlements.
Except near the volcano eruption occurred two moderate earthquakes scare people Aleutians. The first force of 6.0 points occurred in 144 km north-west of Attu. The second episode was recorded a little later in the 104 km and had the effect of 5.7 points. No damage have been reported, there was also a warning about a tsunami.

Cleveland Volcano


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