Climate change — a new version

Scientists came to the disappointing conclusion that the accelerated melting of ice leads to abrupt climate change in the U.S. and Europe. 

What happened to the climate?  

The mayor of Iqaluit, (the capital of Nunavut, Canada), canceled a planned New Year parade on snowmobile. The reason is quite unexpected — very little snow. Meanwhile, in Georgia, located in the southern parts of the Americas, people do not have time to remove the snow from their streets. Hard to believe that this is happening in Atlanta, where the people are accustomed to at the time to bask in the rays of the sun. What happened to the climate? For the second consecutive season in the northern regions — Greenland and Canada, scientists record the abnormally warm winter, the air temperature at seven to eight degrees above normal. At the same time, the southern regions of the United States and Europe descend mass of Arctic cold, bringing snow and frost. It seems that the climate is changing. New York Times theorizes that the main reason for this change — reducing the circulation of air masses, which is essential for the retention of the territory in the Arctic a constant flow of chilled air. That is why cold air masses rushed to the south, leaving the North Pole. Need to examine whether this is due to changes in climatic conditions due to global warming? To date, the views of scientists disagree. Some believe that such a link exists, others reject it, require a more thorough study of this phenomenon.Experts claim that the ice cover, an area over the preceding decades has decreased by about a third, plays an important, and perhaps the main role in the reflection from the earth the sun. Since the area of the polar ice cap has decreased significantly, this has led to an increased absorption of the heated air masses of marine ocean, especially in the summer. And it accumulated in large amounts of heat and causes the unprecedented severity of winters in the U.S. and Europe. In the northern hemisphere, there are constantly circulating the rapid flow of air — "jet streams" that are formed in the vicinity of the North Pole. According to existing theories of scientists, this contributes to a large difference in atmospheric pressure between the middle latitudes and polar regions. When this difference in pressure decreases, jet stream becomes invalid and brings cold air masses in the middle latitudes, and warm temperatures — in the direction of the north. A similar effect occurs when the door is opened the refrigerator: the cold of his aims in the room, and the warm air, on the contrary, is rapidly filling refrigerator.


Corriere della Sera


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