Climate change causes hunger

Extreme events associated with global warming — heat, drought and floods cause a rapid increase in food prices. As a result, the poverty line is a lot of people.

According to the independent international charity Oxfam, global warming causes sharp jumps in food prices, and in the future the situation will only worsen. This organization has prepared a report for the UN Summit on Climate Change, which opened in Durban (South Africa).

Climate and poverty

EXPERT Oxfam calculated that in the last six years, climate change has led to tens of millions of people in poverty. "The situation will get worse. As soon as the weather and climate is becoming more extreme, is suffering from the poorest countries, these people are often faced with many challenges caused by global climate change. They not only suffer from high food prices, extreme weather events — drought, heavy rains and floods can destroy their homes and livestock, "- said the representative of Oxfam Kelly Dent.

Heat and flooding raises prices

The report notes that because of the heat wave in Russia and the Ukraine in the summer of 2010 the price of wheat for the three months increased by 60-80%. Another example: in Somalia in July 2011, the price of sorghum were 393% higher, and in Ethiopia and Kenya, maize prices rose by 191 and 161%, compared with the figures for the last five years. This situation — a consequence of the drought in the Horn of Africa (region, which includes Somalia, Djibouti, Ethiopia). But the rains and typhoons that hit Thailand and Vietnam this fall, caused a rise in rice prices in September and October by 25-30%.

According to the World Bank, which is referred Oxfam, in February this year because of rising food prices, in poverty were 44 million people in developing countries. Most people in poor countries spend up to 75% of their income on food. Therefore, in the face of rising prices, these people are in poverty. Reached the top of the peak of growth in November, and then began to decline. But still, for the moment, the price of food up to 19% compared to September 2010.

New Summit

UN summit on climate change opened today in Durban. The summit participants should make a new action program to combat global warming, and the effect of the old, the Kyoto Protocol expires this year. Against the signing of the new protocol, according to many experts, will be performing major developing countries — India, Brazil, Russia, the USA and Japan, who were opposed to and sign the Kyoto Protocol.


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