Climate change leads to powerful showers?

After flooding in the Kuban that every day — that the news of rain or flood. On July 11, the river turned the streets of Odessa. Although the rain over the Kuban was just a child: Gelendzhik got 300 mm of rain, and the pearl by the sea — only 20.

On Friday, the 13th car to swim their way through the streets in the center of Moscow. The capital poured 48 mm of moisture — half the monthly norm. This is not a record, in July 1981 fell 62 mm.
On Saturday, after rain storm water flowed in streams through the streets of Chelyabinsk, a part of the city remained without electricity. However, there was not a downpour extreme — 19 mm per day. Suffers from severe flooding Japan. On the island of Kyushu on July 12 resulted 500 (!) Mm of rain. Since then, the showers do not stop.In general, it feels like heaven "plumber" opened all the taps at full power! Is there anything in common between the rains and floods in different cities and countries?

— In the Kuban, in Odessa and Moscow atmospheric processes and the truth is very similar — confirms the main expert of the Moscow weather bureau Tatyana Pozdnyakova. — Form a powerful and extremely compact cyclone, with cumulus clouds, reaching great heights. In all cases, plays the role of temperature contrast. In the Krasnodar region and Odessa between sea and land, in Moscow — between the heated air above the metropolis and cool air masses cyclone.

But only in the Krasnodar region rainfall was unprecedented. In Odessa, was a typical summer downpour. Troubles he ponadelal because all 20 mm of rain poured from the sky at once, about three hours — if so much water dripped in 12 hours, it would not have happened. And storm drainage failed.
In Klin near Moscow shed as much rain as there are in the city center. But there's no effects were observed — the water soak into the soil. And in the city it flows on the pavement, streaming fights only livnevka. Japan is another story. There is monsoon season, this year they are very intense. They also add a cyclone of the Khabarovsk Territory. He brought the cold air, he met with a warm wet monsoon — the contrast and brought anomalous showers.Source:

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