Climate: Rare for June snow falls in desert region of Namibia

Snow reports and photos quickly and widely distributed over the Internet and mailboxes with rare images depicting snow in areas usually associated with heat and dust, not holding cold and white blankets of snow. John Rabie from Namibgrens Guest Farm near Spreetshoogte Pass, where most of the snow and rain, described scenes of low clouds, fog and snow on Tuesday.

It was ice cold, especially when the wind was blowing, "he said. Snow fell throughout the day, from about eleven in the morning until noon. He said that the minimum temperature on Tuesday was minus two degrees Celsius, and in the afternoon the maximum temperature does not go above five degrees. Although the weather did not improve, yesterday, the lack of wind took the worst sting cold, he said. "We lost one lamb," he said. He attributed the low number of stock losses to the fact that the wind priutih from Tuesday to Wednesday. According Namibia Weather Network website, Tuesday, the cold was one for the record books. site said that Namibia had its lowest average daily temperature for at least ten years on Tuesday. —Namibia "Parts of the south-west Africa nation of Namibia usually associated with heat and dust were covered with snow."Irish Weather O

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