Cold weather in Europe are forcing birds to migrate farther south

Severe frosts in the south of the European continent led to the disastrous situation in the wintering grounds for migratory birds, which, however, will be able to fly further south, said Thursday the president of the Russian Bird Conservation Union Viktor Zubakin.

"The situation for wintering birds certainly disastrous because of severe frost. This concerns not only the south of Russia, but Europe as a whole. If the Caspian Sea freezes pelicans, in the south of France were frozen flamingo" — Zubakin told RIA Novosti.

Meanwhile, according to the Ministry of Natural Resources of Dagestan, mass death of curly pelicans, listed in the Red Book of Russia who arrived in winter due to cold weather in Makhachkala, and were on the verge of starving to death in connection with the appearance of ice in the Caspian Sea have been recorded. Most of the birds have flown, more birds were weak, but they are, according to the Ministry of Natural Resources, will soon leave the coastal area of Makhachkala.

In this case, the ornithologist said that frost on the wintering not lead to mass death of birds, as the birds are able to respond to them.

"For birds frost is familiar thing. This year has meant that the birds are forced to migrate further. If changing weather conditions, they migrate south. However, birds need strength for the new flights, we need food. Population helps the birds, which is very nice" — said Zubakin.

According to him, it is impossible to estimate how fatal to birds could be this winter, it will be clear after the spring bird censuses. However, he noted that the wintering grounds of birds vary not only because of the weather, but because of human activities.

"Under the Sochi wintering area was Imereti lowland, where the birds migrated from the Stavropol region and other southern regions of Russia, but now there Olympic construction and birds have to fly farther, Abkhazia and Georgia," — said Zubakin.

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