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Experts predict that the final collapse of the heating systems in Russia will come no later than 2008. Total depreciation of all mains supplies to the population of the country to the brink of survival. Invest in Russia and inefficient economy today, there is little public. And tomorrow, burn money in a giant furnace, heated space, certainly no one will. To save the situation by the old methods patching late: shtopok no longer enough. Output, according to an unconventional thinking scientists, but one thing: the gradual transfer of funds intended for the repair of the old heating equipment, introduction of new, more effective.

To see firsthand the existence of new heating technologies, I went to Tver, the creator of a new heating technique — Rafael Izmailovich Mustafaev. He is not only the head of a successful scientific-innovative enterprises "Angstrom" producing industrial vacuum energy heaters, but also the candidate of technical sciences, which in this case is important. So catch it on the errors in the multiplication table — a thankless job.
On the floor, a spacious workshop lined up in a row bare sandpaper and prepared for painting welded battery cylindrical tubes — the basis of short-run heaters manufactured here. Effectiveness ratio of these devices (not efficiency — from this designer abbreviations frowns: talk about efficiency makes sense only in closed systems and open here), according to an official report drawn up by independent experts, 172%. To avoid misunderstandings I will explain: nazheg electricity for 100 rubles, and the heat got to 172 rubles. Location — the eternal question — an increase of energy?

The answer, from which the warp carton school certificate: of the water! That can not be, tells us the Russian Academy of Sciences, because it can never be.

And that's what happens, explains engineer Mustafaev. In pipes with cleverly designed geometry, water is twisted in such a way that within a resonance of water molecules (we all remember: a company of soldiers, marching across a bridge in the leg, brings down the bridge). Many voids inside the water (this is not taught in school). Twisting in resonance, she like these voids squeezes, by the way, increasing the density of the classical units to 1.54 g / cc. see

But most importantly, because of the relationship between the resonance torn between the atoms and molecules of water. When these communications are restored again, the energy is released. And energy is shrewdly guessed Lomonosov, is not taken "out of nothing" but recovered, according to the latest research theorists of the physical vacuum.

Than Perfect Design "coil", the more significant the difference between the cost and increase energy. The conviction of Rafael Izmailovich in the coming years the efficiency factor of such systems will reach 400%. After that burn gas for heating (the cheapest on today in the Russian fuel) just out of fashion.

Efficiency gas boilers, brand new, for the first time included — 90%, which served as the national economy — 50-70%. Efficiency boiler heaters, depending on the scale accrued may be 30%. Heat losses up to 50%. If all these factors multiply, we get a sad figure, at best, equal to 20%. It turns out that four-fifths of all our heating costs dispersed in space. And the country — the coolest in the world. In it, heating costs, objectively, the highest. What sort of Holland in our Susaninskaya places we dream?

Industrialization and the construction of a society of equal opportunities, which went on the lives of two or three previous generations, some were progressive: for decades, no one in one of the Nordic countries in the world froze. But dizzy with success has passed, and now the payoff is chosen. The labor of the methods of rush work, then fails in a catastrophic mode. Problem of our harvest season (including "brotherly" colonies) in that period of life for all heating systems, born about the same time, too, ends almost immediately. And no wealth is no prosperous empire will be enough to repair all in one fell swoop out of order.

Even before our eyes MES becomes the lead agency. Next — worse. In order not to perish one by one, our grandchildren — one and all — will choose a profession rescuer. But it will not save. The old paradigm of physics XX century dies. And, if it truly does not realize we otomrem with her. The host, all earnings which go to repairs inevitably be ruined. Even a very good host. And if this is still slightly sloven and nihilists?

There is no choice, I am sure Mustafaev. Such plants are, as standing in his shop today, gradually displace bulky, inefficient, morally and physically outdated heating systems. The heating is total rot. Repair them — just bury money in the ground. Of course, suddenly the whole vast country is not transferred to the new technique. But consciously replace repair junk introduction of new, life-saving equipment — the only reasonable way to survive in our mammoth latitudes.

For more savings over the place will be constructed water batteries. It is here that. All of the resulting heat from the heat source heats the water especially stockpiled in a huge tank. And on the water, the secondary circuit, diverges heating. The advantage of this system is that the warm water of the secondary circuit can be ahead of time, in the hours when electricity rates are reduced. Distribute the same hot water in homes, hospitals, pub and disco will be able at any time and in any quantity.
But what about the danger of a rotating water for your health? Rafael Izmailovich laughs, on the contrary, many of these plants near the chronic sores disappear. For example, prostate, which doctors, in all fairness, take medical treatment, but not cured. Repeatedly seen: twisted and heats the water for some reason (even if medical science thinks) cures for prostatitis and other chronicles of catarrhal nature.

Regardless of Mustafaeva exactly the same observation made Syzransky Designer alternative teploustanovok Valery Kotelnikov and is now developing in the direction of the firm healing vortex technology.

New often afraid to even its creators. And it is, in principle, well — maybe insure against Bulgakov fatal eggs. For example, Kharkov Professor Nikolay Kolpakov confessed to me that he was afraid to increase the capacity of its vacuum-power plant — how to avoid provoking in his hometown of environmental catastrophe! But the engineer Mustafaev believe such unfounded fears: fear not to be a good new, bad and old.

A Moscow inventor N.A.Shesterenko twenty years as the water spins, rather, supersonic gas flows. However, while on paper, but with great prospects. In 1985, 1986 and 1988, he received three certificates of recognition for similar devices with similar names: aerozolekontsentriruyuschy Shesterenko baits, aerosol concentrator and again aerozolekontsentriruyuschy nozzles. Nikolai recognized that intentionally spread over time similar meaning application. And the basic formulation as the extent possible given the rules of the patent game, scrambled. To no one folded together three descriptions to inventions, did not disclose the secret of the rocket nozzle, which is able to work, drawing energy from the vacuum.

However, the trick of the inventor has not gone unnoticed. In the United States in 1991, just three years later, showed a film of whose it was clear that someone had sighted folded together three pieces of the invention.

Shesterenko nozzle can narrow your part to suck in air, and by the energy of the vacuum accelerates to supersonic speeds. Put on a wide nozzle exit turbine — and you get electricity. And because the vacuum energy is almost limitless, gratuitous engine can accelerate to unimaginable speeds and operate non-stop to his physical deterioration.

Hence, the fuel for this engine is required only for the first ramp, exit at those speeds at which consume the energy of the vacuum. The inventor figuratively called a system driven by hurricane.

On the basis of such an engine will be created NEO aircraft without consuming fuel. The long-awaited replacement of the shuttle: they brought him into the rarefied atmosphere — and flew, demanding nothing for the flight.

Other topical application of vacuum power plant Shesterenko — the separation of sand and oil, the mixture now infests millions of square kilometers, bringing valuable land out of economic circulation and the coffin millions of tons of valuable fuel. Tightening the sand and oil and dividing the mass fraction of the mixture velocity, we separate the sand and oil vapors that are suitable for the production of gasoline, — separately.

I have no doubt that after the publication of this e-mail version of the red-hot indignant protests: what kind of cheap fiction! What other engines are fuel-free! Claims questionable patents better not show us, and the Federal Patent Office, these same patents issued. So you'd better turn the water, gentlemen skeptics, maybe something will have clocked up.

Daniel Countryman

On the face of impossible 9 (340), 2004

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