Collective suicide of birds occurred in China


Birds fly up to the building and commit suicide, a raid on the building. Photo:

28.02.11.V Yantai, Shandong Province recently, a strange phenomenon: the birds flew up to the building and committed suicide, a raid on the building.
According to eyewitness Wan, February 15, local residents discovered that a number of birds were flying at high speed directly to the building, and died of a stroke on the wall. Previously, this was never seen or heard. Suicide birds occurs every day, most often occurs from 15:00 to 16:00.


Some local residents are trying to guess the reason why the birds are trying to commit suicide, for example, may be reflections from glass windows prevent birds choose the right direction? But all of these conjectures can not explain why this was not before, and only started now.

According to local media, on the streets can sometimes be seen bird body and blood in the snow. What is the cause of the phenomenon? Locals await explanations from experts who still silent.


The Epoch Times

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