Colombia, Santander almost all ground down derevne

March 20.

At least 10 houses partially damaged due to ground shifts and 20 homes threatened by the same risk.

Emergency situation in the municipality Molagavita (Santander), in the village of Grande Penteno (Pantano Grande). Municipal authorities started evacuating people 50 houses that are either partially destroyed or about to collapse. The school in this rural area also collapsed. According to farmers, lowering the earth caused by the rains, which began last Wednesday.

Nelson James Molagavity government secretary — said that in fact the whole village down, gone down.

"All this is very sad. Now there is close cooperation between the police and emergency personnel, we do not know what else can happen. We evacuate all the people who are in the danger zone to save their lives. Do you see how fallen trees, houses, how to destroy this area, "- he said. He also noted that it takes a lot of care, especially they need a helicopter to evacuate people, because the access road to a safe place is destroyed.



Translation: Anna Krasnov



Recall that it was in the province of Santander has been completely destroyed by the city Gramalot nespetseficheskih process shifts soil.



So is there anything else that brings these tragic events except that they are in Colombia? Of course … and this junction of tectonic plates.



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