Commemorative stele in honor of a great goalkeeper

In Grozny, Chechen authorities to address street appeared Lev Yashin, and on it — a memorial in honor of a great goalkeeper. At the memorial is inscribed: "The street is named the best goalkeeper of the world and Olympic champion Lev Yashin." Recall that the street Lev Yashin in Grozny has been one and a half years, and a memorial stele in honor of the idol of many generations of football fans there are just that. Was present at the opening widow of the legendary goalkeeper Valentina Timofeevna. By the way, Valentine Timofeevna arrived in Grozny not alone — along with it came the double Olympic champion Lydia Ivanova — the widow of another great player Valentin Ivanov, and the famous goalkeeper, the disciple and successor of Vladimir Yashin Pilguj. Granite stele discovered at the intersection of Lev Yashin and Umar Sadaeva. The famous footballer "Terek" Umar Sade, which account for 200 goals scored, died several years ago in a car accident.

 The more a country is built sports facilities, the calmer people live here. No wonder they say that the sport — it is the world.

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