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12/06/2012 9:32 (local) Select:
So I look at the comments and dayus diva! What brings urban lives. they become soulless moral monsters! if you look the part, they look like zombies (especially in the metro)

Flocks, herds Zombosapiens. After all, people living in cities, they are nobody. They work for peanuts to bring millions of profits to one person, and in fact proud of it! They are proud that they are being manipulated, they do not know what freedom is.

They are addicted to everything from government, from the utilities, even janitors (unless they will clean yards, then the citizens will not be able to either go or drown in their own shit.) Just imagine for a moment, the store did not deliver products a week, valve is not water a week and so on. You will die of hunger, especially young people of today, who knows only the Internet Troll!

You watch what you eat, not a long time in the stores of organic products, and if they have been grown with the use of GMO technology. We do not have as many cows in the country to ensure that the milk of a single city with a population of 300 000 people! Nope! Meat in stores everything foreign, the state. Procurement told to buy, for hospitals and schools, only foreign meat production!!

told me that people who do this! When food products with GMOs and GMO later there is a mutation of the human body, so modern and common people to Zombies is not far (especially Americans) and is not a fairy tale but a reality! Previously, when there was the Terminator and no one could believe that once scientists create Drones (UAVs), but they have created, they are! Also there will be other dregs!
I think if a person has a mind (please do not confuse with the mind), he will understand what I wrote.
Way out is to believe in God, deurbanizatsiya, a return to the true values (family, honor, conscience). I urge everyone to pack and go to the village, where many simply do nothing, just plots to take, I just gave food for thought, where we roll ….
I pray to God that he is guided, as much as possible, the people on the right path.
Now trolls can frolic.

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