Company «RMK Marin» to build 6 MILGEM class corvettes for the Turkish Navy

Company «RMK Marin

Secretariat defense industry of Turkey (SSM) has announced its intention to commence negotiations on a contract for the construction of 6 class corvettes MILGEM with the state company «RMK Marin.»
As reported by «Jane’s Defence Weekly», the decision about choosing «RMK Marin» applets construction contractor corvettes MILGEM was made in the course held on January 3rd meeting of the Executive Committee of the Turkish defense industry. Company headquartered in Tuzla overtaken compete with her in the company «Dearsan.»

Implementation applets MILGEM began in 2004 with the aim of reducing dependence on foreign developers Turkey and shipbuilding companies. It involves the construction of 12 corvettes designed, first, to fight submarines and patrol territorial waters. Price applets estimated at $ 3 billion.

First two ship «Heybeliada» and «Buyukada» were built Istanbul Naval Shipyard. Corvette «Heybeliada» was laid July 26, 2005 and launched in September 2008. In September 2011, the ship was adopted by the Turkish Navy. Its price is estimated at 260 million dollars. Kiel second ship series «Buyukada» was laid at the Istanbul Naval Shipyard in September 2008. Currently, he is tested and is expected to be delivered to the Navy in 2013.

According disk imaging SSM, meant that the construction of the 1st or subsequent 2-ships will be «RMK Marin» in cooperation with the Istanbul Naval Shipyard to transfer relevant technologies and «know-how». The following Corvettes company will build without the help of others to its own production facilities.

As needed to accelerate the implementation of applets or receiving orders from foreign countries build corvettes can be carried out immediately with 2 shipbuilding companies.

It is expected that delivery of the first ship the newest games will be executed within 3 years after the signing of the agreement and the implementation of all programs from end 2020.

Corvettes class MILGEM created for reconnaissance and surveillance of early detection and identification of enemy combat submarines and surface ships, air defense, support amphibious operations, patrolling territorial waters and the coast guard.

Corvette, designed with stealth technology introduction, has a length of 99 m and a displacement of about 2,300 tons Powerplant type CODAG allows us to develop the highest speed of 29 knots. Crew of 93 people.

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