Completed test modernized Su-25SM

Completed test modernized Su-25SM
Modernized Su-25SM successfully completed flight testing special step (SSI), which were aimed at increasing the effectiveness of the military machine
Tests were conducted with the aim of improving its implementation and evaluate the effectiveness of new ammunition. Ultimately stormtroopers have acquired the ability to simultaneous destruction of four ground targets in one attack in the application of guided munitions.

Also substantiated its effectiveness on-board electronic warfare «Vitebsk-25.»

In addition, during the SSI successfully completed testing of communication systems, providing automatic transfer between disk imaging planes.

Earlier it was reported that the first 2013 in the Russian Air Force received new complexes EW family «Vitebsk». The main element of «Vitebsk» — digital jammer (Demonopolization) received an index L-370-3C. She faster counterparts in other complexes, such as «sorption» Su-27 «Omul» Su-25 «Gardenia» on the MiG-29. «Vitebsk» not only considers the radiation of enemy radar, but with all this «presses» the signal over a wider range of frequencies. Not counting Demonopolization in complex protection system comes with thermal missiles homing (TGSN). This system of «blinding» enemy missile laser illuminator.

Su-25 issued on 2-aircraft factory — in Ulan-Ude (combat-capable Su-25UB) and Tbilisi (military Su-25 with the release by 140-150 vehicles per year). Total built in 1981-1991 years 1320 copies of the Su-25. According to 2002 data, about 860 Su-25 resided in service 16 countries.

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