Complications of pregnancy

Complications of pregnancy.  Photo from

Pregnancy uncomplicated — when woman feels great all nine months — unfortunately uncommon. One of the most common pathologies in varying degrees in most developing expectant mothers — an early toxemia. Nausea, vomiting, salivation occur in the earliest stages of pregnancy, and can seriously affect the health and mood of a woman. Fortunately, these effects are short, and usually go to 12 weeks of pregnancy. Relieve the symptoms of toxicity by following simple guidelines. If abate the toxicity does not work, be sure to tell a watching you obstetrician-gynecologist. No need to suffer — because your condition has a negative impact on the child.

One of the most serious complications of pregnancy — preeclampsia (or later toxemia). Typical symptoms of preeclampsia — edema (implicit and explicit) that can be combined with proteinuria (protein in the urine) and / or hypertension (high blood pressure). Modern medicine can not fully heal from preeclampsia, but in most cases is possible to control this condition. Self-treatment is unacceptable, because it can lead to the development of severe preeclampsia (Pre-eclampsia and eclampsia), life-threatening as the fetus and the woman.

Another serious complication of the second half of pregnancy is bleeding. Most often bleeding are associated with placenta previa or premature detachment of placenta. The diagnosis is confirmed by ultrasound. When the bleeding at any stage of pregnancy as early as possible is important to see a doctor: immediate hospitalization and emergency treatment measures, in many cases you can save pregnancy or to the careful delivery.


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