Consequences of heavy rains in Indonesia

The flood, which occurred near the eastern Indonesian city of Ternate, North Maluku province, killing five people, including nine children.

Ten Indonesians missing. At the moment, organized on their search operations. About 20 residents of 11 villages for the injured, all sorts.

The region has experienced heavy rains, and having the water flowing down the slopes of Mount Gamalama, captured encounters fragments of lava and other volcanic products. A huge wave of volcanic debris, moved by rain water, completely swept away with 25 foundations of houses that met on her way, seriously damaged another 30 buildings. 173 or more homes received minor damage. The disaster has forced more than 300 people (60 families) from their homes and wait for help in the school building and the City Hall, which had been reorganized into shelters.

Due pribyvyyuschey water two mountain rivers flowing down from the eastern slope Gamalamy, came out of its banks, which led to the destruction of two bridges. This complicated the rescue access to mountain communities affected by the floods. Because of the situation was carried out discussions on the closure of the main airport in the province of North Maluku. However, the airport continued its work.

Gamalama is one of 129 active volcanoes in Indonesia. The eruption of Mount n occurred in December 2011, when the column of ash rose to 2000 meters above the summit.


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