Contact with UFOs

It happened somewhere in the 1983-1985 year at the beginning of the summer, I lived on the outskirts of the city, near the airport. Especially in the evenings and at night was well heard the roar of aircraft, but the city they were not flying. Flew into the side of two or three kilometers.

One summer evening, we met at a birthday party by mutual friend, or should I say another. It is not with any of my friends had not met, although it seemed to me that she had a liking to my friend, but he did not react like. Well, God is with them. Walk, fun, remembered his school years. Everything has been studied, who at the institute, who met in college and we are extremely rare.

The day passed and the next night I wake up in the bright light v3.55. time, I immediately spotted by an electronic clock. The light was bright as welding, but his eyes did not burn, mild as milk.

I ran to the window, but the light began to go over the roof of the house. Since all on my windows looked out on the one side, I quickly ran out to the porch to see the light.

Directly above the houses UFO flew slowly in the form of plates and a powerful beam illuminated the whole bottom. I yelled, trying to wake up as a bad parent. Ini jumped like scalded, but when ran away and saw only what, the light, nothing else. Cursed me to complete, again went to sleep.

Until I am, of course, fell asleep, and in the morning went to work. At work again ran into ridicule. All in one voice said that this helicopter, and there was complete silence no one cared, and that the helicopters do not fly so low, especially over the city at night, too, no one cared. In general, I am at a complete loss dragged home and then call. Girlfriend called urgently requested to come while not naming the cause. I do not want to call her name, for obvious reasons, even though it was a long time ago. Well, let's let her name Anya.

Anya lived two houses away, also at the top floor. Kvartirantkoy lived with, and the parents were living abroad, her father was in the military.

I went to her and I did not recognize her. During the day, half of it was left. Then she lost weighed 12 kg. And it is with 48kg. It should be a coward like a leaf, his eyes bulging, his voice trembling. In the eyes of the horror as if it was the nuclear war. I ask what happened? And then she told me everything.

At night, the light in the window, well, just as I have that same night. A voice and it picks up from the bed to the meter. Talo hanging paralyzed and can not speak a word to call for help. My head is heard question after question. No time to answer the second question is dealt one, and so do not know how long it lasted. She remembered everything, even the fact that when you even see a glimpse. Most questions were on a scientific topic. The type of the periodic table, the laws of physics, etc.

After the execution of its laid back on the bed and she immediately passed out from loss of power. She came to 16.00 after the full horror. Immediately called me.

Do not trust her cause I was not, he was. Began to call her father to help her like that. Father advised immediately go to the hospital crazy, he's got the familiar. Well to do so by a psycho crazy. Come on. Found a professor and began to tell him our story. That honestly did not expect even that he treat us with understanding. Says — expensive, you have got such is not the first. Do not worry you are in good health, but Anna will have to treat, too much stress and loss of strength.

She spent several days in hospital on a drip on vitamins and nourishing diet. After discharge, the doctor advised her not to meet with anyone and not to talk, especially to those who were involved in the day that would not have surfaced memories. For this we had to leave all talk about that day, her health was more expensive than any UFO. Then I began to wander on business trips and meetings with friends are very rare, but about that day or whom I no longer speak, or Anya would consider a mentally ill, and I was an idiot.

It took a couple years, and I met Anna with her husband and with a young child, but about that day did not even dare to ask. She was happy and that's the main thing.

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