Controversial topic: gun «Swift»

Controversial topic: gun
Since March this year, one of the most debated topics in the field of re Russian armed forces began a promising gun «Swift.» This gun appeared relatively at one point and immediately became a prerequisite for mass disputes concerning hell fire, ease of use and service prospects in the power structures. Separate discussion of «worthy» of the expression of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. Bureaucrat in charge of the defense industry claimed that the gun «Swift» has obvious advantages over Russian and zabugornom standards in its class. Needless to say, these words simply could not go unnoticed.

Other «fuel to the fire» controversy was podlito numerous publications praiseworthy character. Fans of small guns swiftly dismantled these articles the bones and concluded someone very bolshennom zeal in advertising. All of these critiques and disputes eventually led to the emergence of many sometimes diametrically reverse views. Some experts and fans consider «Swift» fully worthy instrument, at least no worse than other models, and others with mocking tone they say on the restructuring of the system development tools and adopting. For example, in well-known edition of «IEE» in a similar vein, they say that now adopting new samples are not engaged spetsy profile, and Deputy Prime Minister. In the end, remembering nedavneshnie action with an AK-12, «NVO» concludes the refusal from the waste licensing system requirements, developing competitive structures, comparative tests, etc. However, most of the disk imaging about the «Swifts», especially its production prospects and army hitherto closed and is one hundred percent approval on the topic until it is too early.
Raised questions and made public aspects of the design. States that «Swift» has 5 minutes to the latest revolutionary locking system of the barrel. Of course, that statement is so sonorous instantly were analyzed. It turned out that the unique ‘seventh scheme «(said that there used and 6) are very reminiscent already applied, with more than a decade. In justification of designers still worth mentioning that applied in the «Swifts» scheme is unique and special in the mass use of hitherto unnoticed. After all, at one time, appeared as the first photo «Strizh» has drawn attention captivating beauty spot. By some strange reason on large quantities of photo and video, it was shifted to the left side. There are guesses about the unusual location of sighting devices, but in the coming revealed that fly gun can be moved in a horizontal plane.

And yet the «Swift» has flaws. Moreover, their presence is not lurking behind seven locks. Insufficient bringing gun implicitly recognizes even Rogozin. A few days back the account he wrote that engineers and technologists should invest in the project a lot of time and effort to not only make it really well, and applicable to large-scale production. Only here it is the creation can leave much to be desired. Not so long ago appeared in the web photo trunks 2-series pistols PYA different year. Their noticeable that the breech have different sizes. Of course, that even the most experienced stunning properties pistols «Swift» serial copies can, what is called, a candle and they do not fit. According to reports, on the way from the preliminary design to modern prototypes «Swift» has undergone several hundred configurations. Would not like that «efforts» of giant manufacturers all these efforts were in vain.

Another reason for the dispute is the origin of the new gun. It was developed by personal Arsenal Firearms. This company is a joint Russian-Italian company. Until then nedavneshnih Arsenal Firearms officers were creating layouts guns and modernization samples order. This year’s «Arsenal» was presented immediately two unique project pistols. It made a splash double-barreled version of the Colt M1911 pistol and actually «Swift.» Not for «Swift», created for the Russian military and security forces was created option Strike One. In practice, both versions of the gun differ from each other only the title and the proposed modifications under different cartridges. «Swift» is intended for use 9×19 mm Parabellum cartridge and its modifications. Strike One for zabugornyh users, in turn, can be made with trunks and shops Ammo 9×21 mm IMI, .357 SIG and .40 S & W. Different variants of the gun and the proposed appointment. «Swift» while positioned solely as a tool for the military, law enforcement, etc., and Strike One besides invited people to defend themselves or to practice shooting sports.

Controversial topic: gun

According to the head of Arsenal Firearms D. Streshinskaya gun «Swift» / Strike One was developed with the participation of Russian special forces soldiers. Greater contribution in the form of a new instrument has brought an unnamed officer of the group «Alpha». Role in the elaboration of requirements for the brand new gun of such people can talk about the potential of a decent design and coordination of its kind wishes fighters. In conjunction with the available information on the number of design improvements, this fact makes the project «Swift» at least fun. On the other hand, referred to as development time gun. As spoken by the «Arsenal», the creation of new tools left a record three months. We can only guess that was a prerequisite for rapid work so that more peculiar to the times majestically Russian war. Perhaps designers Arsenal Firearms used any acceleration technology design, which have received no distribution in tribute to the Russian arms industry. However, here again there is a version that says that work on the project were initiated previously announced 3 months, and the term refers to the designated final adjustments to the design. It is alleged that in March presented «Swift» is the fourth version of the gun. Hardly three months can make four designs, even in some measure similar.

Since the first demonstration of «Strizh» / Strike One took a little more than 3 months. During this period, all the information posted was dismantled and placed on shelves. Yet, the debate so far not subside, and any newcomer particle disk imaging only provokes their continuation. With regard to municipal plans for a new gun, the start of serial production attributed to illumine this year. By the time the design will be communicated to the brain, it may take all the necessary tests, certifications, etc. Of course, the gun is intended to become a good substitute for an old PM, more than once in the spotlight and become a precondition for discussion. At least since after the start of operation of the new media tools is always a wave of comments.

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