Cope with a fire in Colorado do not give the falling meteors.

Firefighters in Colorado are making enormous efforts to try to keep the flame that turned into an uncontrollable fire in an area of 100 square kilometers of forest, but to cope with the ignition does not work because of the strong wind, heat and falling meteors. Authorities used aircraft fire after it was reported a few observations of meteors fallen in forest and cause additional fires. County Sheriff Peter B. Palmer told the Los Angeles Times, that his department has received four reports of meteors fall to the ground. "People heard explosions, they looked at the glowing objects flying through the air, and so forth," he said. "Local firefighters went to extinguish emerged after the fall of meteors of the fire"

Because of forest fires evacuated about 11,000 residents of Colorado

U.S. West continue to burn wood. Fire involving thousands of hectares of forest and farmland. Last weekend, the highest activity of the fire element was observed in the state of Colorado.

Because of the strong fire at the foot of Pikes Peak (4291 m), which occurred on the night from Saturday to Sunday, evacuated about 11,000 people.

Despite the best efforts of firefighters, the fire in the conservation area around one of the main attractions of North America continues to grow, according to ITAR-TASS.

According to emergency services, for the last two days burned about one thousand acres of forest. "This is a very serious situation," — said Rob Deyenberg, an employee in the state of the deployed operational data center.

Fire in Colorado — one of the 20 areas of forest fires, which these days are raging in the western U.S., particularly in the states of California, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah. The last weekend in the 2500 inhabitants were evacuated. Flame spread helps dry and windy weather, established in the region in recent days. So far, all efforts were in vain fire, despite the active support of volunteers.

Officials estimate that to fight the fire element has already spent more than $ 4 million. To prevent new fires, the Governor of Colorado, John Hickenlooper has gone to extreme lengths to sign a decree to ban fires and fireworks.


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