Corsica and Sicily are covered with water, and in Austria fear of forest fires

Corsica declared elevated — orange — the danger level. On the island due to heavy rains that have been going on for two days, the banks came out of the river. Flooded homes, washed out roads. Several people had to disembarrass rescuers.

The situation is similar in Sicily. There prolonged rainfall led to flooding, caused landslides and mudflows. Destroyed several homes, at least two people are still missing.

In Austria, on the contrary too dry. Experts fear even forest fires. But most importantly — no snow. Ski resorts have postponed the opening of the season. Snow cannons are working day and night, and for a week, it takes half a million euros, but that does not help. It is possible that will carry over even championship snowboarders.

Five people, including a child, were killed in the last day on the island of Sicily and in Calabria in southern Italybecause of flooding caused by heavy rains, local media reported.Joined the list of the dead victims of the weather, which is a little more than a month in the Apennines claimed the lives of over 20 people from different cities and provinces of Italy.Torrential rains hit Tuesday south of the peninsula, as well as Sardinia and Sicily, where they cause the stop rail, and was easy on the roads.Mayor Messina — the third largest city in Sicily — Giuseppe Butstsanka (Giuseppe Buzzanca) due to the extreme weather situation ordered the closure of all schools and a local university, and authorities urged residents of nearby towns not to leave their homes.Streets of many Sicilian towns turned into turbulent rivers, sweeping everything in its path. In addition, heavy rains triggered a landslide in Saporana (Saponara), located close to Messina.As a result of rampant floods in Saporane killed four people: a ten-year boy, a girl 24 years old and the father of a 20-year-old son, whose bodies were found by rescuers last night. According to the newspaper Corriere della Sera, at the time of the tragedy was a little boy at home with his mother. The flow of water rushed into their home so quickly and unexpectedly that a woman, even if she was a few feet from her son, she still did not have time to save her child, the newspaper notes.Another victim of the weather was a resident of the town of Catanzaro (Catanzaro) in Calabria, where on Tuesday due to heavy rains hit the wall of a building.According to local media, now the weather in southern Italy improved slightly, but the Civil Defense has warned that the next few hours with a new force element can fall in Sardinia and southern Apennines, in particular, the region of Calabria, Basilicata and Puglia, and also affect the central areas of the country such as the Marche and Abruzzo.


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