Coryza: Diagnosis and Treatment

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For the diagnosis sharp rhinitis usually enough inspection, and anamnesis (to identify the cause of the disease).

In the case of infectious rhinitis is important to establish the causative agent of an infectious disease, so it may be a symptom of serious diseases such as diphtheria, scarlet fever, and the children of the first days of life — gonorrhea. Coryza under certain infectious diseases has distinctive features depending on their pathogens. If the cause of influenza viruses are frequently observed hemorrhage, up to the nosebleeds, and peeling of the epithelium nasal cavity. For diphtheria characterized by muco-sukrovichnye nasal discharge, nasal vestibule expressed dermatitis (anterior nasal cavity is lined with skin), a sharp rise in temperature and a significant deterioration in general health. Coryza, which developed in the child during the first days of life, always suggests gonorrhea infection from the mother during delivery.

If assumed acute allergic rhinitis you must perform tests to identify allergic allergen.

The symptoms of acute rhinitis and clinical manifestations of acute or acute exacerbation of chronic sinusitis have a lot in common. If there is suspicion of sinusitis, you need to X-ray examination of the paranasal sinuses.

How to treat acute coryza

Treatment of acute rhinitis is done at home. To relieve symptoms of dryness and irritation should be maintained in the room where the patient comfortable temperature and relatively high humidity. You can take a hot foot bath, it is useful plenty of warm drinks. As the temperature increases can take paracetamol in doses prescribed by a physician. To eliminate nasal congestion and restore nasal breathing apply drops nose or nasal sprays containing vasoconstrictors (ksilometazalin, naphazoline, etc..) Note that these drugs should not use more than 7-10 days, as they adversely affect the ciliated epithelium of the nasal cavity. Long-term use of local vasoconstrictor drugs may lead to the development vazomotrnogo rhinitis. If necessary, they can be replaced by binding solutions (colloid silver or Protargolum). If dryness of mucous or crusting, or dig a well to irrigate the nasal mucosa with saline or one of the products containing sea water.

Have a good effect physiotherapy (UV irradiation, UHF, diathermy on the nose), but the doctor has to prescribe them, because to them, there are contraindications.


Prevention of acute rhinitis is hardening, physical education and sport, the organization of a balanced diet, that is, measures to increase non-specific resistance of the organism.

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