CQ1 asteroid made a sharp turn after a close rendezvous with Earth

Asteroid 2011 CQ1, discovered on the eve of the Observatory astronomers Catalina Sky Survey, flew past our planet at 19.39 GMT (22.39 MSK) at a height of 5.48 kilometers and has greatly changed its orbit, the website of NASA for tracking near-Earth celestial bodies (Near Earth Object Office).

"This facility, approximately one meter in diameter, at the moment was the closest to our catalog near-Earth celestial bodies", — the report says.

Celestial body flew at about 0.85 Earth radius above the Pacific Ocean, and the attraction of the planet its curved path at an angle of 60 degrees. As a result, the family moved from the asteroid Apollo (to it belong to an object whose orbit lies mostly outside the Earth) in the family of the Aten (asteroids whose orbits are inside the Earth's orbit).

According to NASA, the asteroid was about the size of a meter. Astronomers say that the objects of this size is very difficult to detect. On average, every few weeks, one such asteroid invades the Earth's atmosphere and burn it completely, forming a fireball.

Source: http://www.rian.ru/science/20110205/330603598.html

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