Create social network to prepare the world's population to self-rescue

The active phase of the preparation of the International Project "Ark" began in January 2010, almost simultaneously with the beginning of the action on the accession of scientists around the world to the communiqué on global changes of the geological environment, prepared by the International Committee on Global Change GEOCHANGE geology and the environment.

In this project, a new, very unusual, the social network to prepare the world's population to self-rescue and survival in the face of increasing scale of natural disasters.

«» not a classic social network in the usual sense of the word — is a special international multilingual community of those who understand that the planet is something wrong and wants to know more about it, getting objective information directly from first-hand — from scientists.
However, it is clear that not enough to get accurate information about the events, it is necessary to know exactly what to do to prepare yourself and prepare your family and friends to self-rescue. — a social network created by professionals for the common people and the well-known scientists and specialists throughout the activities of the network will coordinate its work and actively communicate with its members.
One of the most important sections of the «» is a training unit, which explains the rules for the actions of people in any emergency situation with a number of natural disasters: earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, floods, fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.
Knowledge that will get people out of these instructions can be compared with the lifeline they need in time of danger.
Many people in natural disasters are lost and panic and despair, because they do not know what to do in this situation. Unfortunately, not always in a crisis may be near lifeguards.
In this case, one has to act independently. The information that is available in this section significantly increases the chance of salvation in times of natural disasters.

In the position of the international community says:
We are united in the international community to:
— to be informed about all the natural events that occur in the world;
— access to professional information about natural disasters occurring in the world at any given time and professional outlook for natural disasters.
— support each other in difficult times;
— be prepared for any disaster;
— know how to act in case of emergency;
— able to emergency communication with each other and urgently needed information on international and national emergency services;
— share experience with each other for survival and rescue;
— receive information directly from the zones of natural disasters;
— for impartial comments occurring natural events from independent professional experts; participants can quickly and easily in any language to create their own personal pages — blogging with a simple and intuitive "design blogs" and insert them in photos, videos, articles and other information.
Special pride community is the section "Service", which includes three sub-maps; ArkVideo; Education.
Subsection card has two parts: Events and forecasts. In the "Events" members, among other services, can get on-line maps weather, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and forest fires, the comments of scientists and detailed information about the most important events at the time of viewing.
In the "Forecasts" additional members can get information on interactive maps of the prediction of earthquakes, tsunamis, storms and magnetic storms, the comments of scientists and detailed information about the most important events.
World's first community members can get direct access to earthquake prediction, given the Global Network for the Forecasting of Earthquakes (GNFE). The map provides weather forecasts, earthquake regions where earthquakes are expected, with the coordinates of the center point and radius of the seismic zone, time, effort and the number of expected earthquakes.
When predicting earthquakes using station earthquake prediction ATROPATENA, located in different countries ( Earthquake prediction by the International Research Institute for the Study of Earthquake Forecasting and forming part GNFE.
"Encyclopedia of disasters" contains important information about any interesting natural disasters. The electronic "Library» community member can find and download books, pamphlets, articles — devoted to natural disasters, and other aspects of science.
One of the most fascinating chapters of volume and network — ArkVideo.
Section «ArkVideo» participants choose a topic of interest for the video. Here are the most interesting and unique videos of various natural disasters on the following topics: earth, air, water, sun, space, interviews and commentary, movies, etc. projects are under implementation in the near future: "I see» — I see online.

This block section «SERVICES» project is unique social network, which is currently under construction and development.
It has two main sub-sections: "We see the sky" and "Video of the disaster zone." Technical training of both sections has been successfully tested and the first of these sections, has already begun to work.

The "We are watching the sky"
Recently, in many countries, covering all continents of the world, people are hearing strange sounds coming from the sky.
On the other hand, the unusually strong solar flares cause airglow in the places where it is not seen the Northern Lights. According to scientists, these phenomena are the result of increasing solar activity, which increases the intensity and its maximum is expected in 2013-2014.
Many experts fear the serious negative consequences of the powerful solar flares on the technical infrastructure of modern civilization. Strong solar flares can destroy satellites, communication systems and satellite navigation, damage to electronic control modules in industrial facilities and vehicles, disable electrical substations and transformers.

How ordinary people can learn about the large-scale danger from the sun? The fact that a powerful solar flare will cause the glow of the atmosphere and low-frequency sounds in the vast territory of the planet. Synchronization of these processes in a large area of the planet will be evidence of a serious risk to people coming from the sun.
Camcorders currently being installed as part of the project "We are watching the sky" in the different countries and people that hear any unusual sounds or glow in the sky, will be able to carry out monitoring of lighting effects and sounds coming from the sky in different countries at any given time. In addition, hearing unusual sounds from the sky and the light effects in the atmosphere, they will be able to compare them with video, available in the section «Noises» on ArkVideo. members can participate in this international project and connect the camera to your web system online video.

The "Video from the disaster"
This project will allow any member of the social network located in the disaster area to transfer online video of the events from their mobile phone or web camera. The project is currently under development. In the short term will be the first members watch online for events taking place in areas of natural disasters.


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