Crop circles. UFOs do with it?

Author: Sergey Sheptun

Mysterious circles with admirable tenacity appear every summer in the fields of the Kuban. They have become a kind of sign of the second half of June. Gawk at the wonder thousands of people gather. And researchers have arranged for them to hunt most

To catch the tail of the authors of these intricate icons for us even granted Head of the research association "Kosmopoisk" researcher of anomalous phenomena writer Vadim Chernobrov and his comrades. In his encyclopedia of anomalous phenomena is listed Russian Kuban many titles. But the real mecca for hunters became Novokubansk circles. After all, as in the local area in the 90's were found three mysterious icon. Overall, in Russia and the CIS countries were about 80 laps in all shapes and sizes (in fact the number recorded in the 20-21 centuries "circles" in the thousands. Prim.M.T.).

The mystery about to be revealed

Above the high bank of the Kuban go thunderclouds. Every now and then the rain. But Vadim Chernobrov with volunteers from "Kosmopoisk" do not pay attention to the weather. Riddle of the mysterious circles is about to be solved. Maybe even in this expedition. It seems that a little bit more — and luck can catch its tail like a firebird.
On the hood of the car unfolded map of Russia. On her red circles mark the place where the mysterious circles. From backpacks take out the usual and unusual equipment designed for the observation of the terrain and the study of mysterious phenomena.
The study of mysterious icons are allowed to reveal some of their mysteries. So Vadim Chernobrov sure that soon the time will come when the appearance of crop circles will be as explicable phenomenon, such as an ordinary storm or radio waves.

The anomalous zone

Analysis of mysterious icons allowed to find a number of interesting patterns. If you look at the same map, the place of their discovery, as the constellations are formed in three zones. The southernmost of them starts in Europe, stretches across the western Ukraine, Zaporozhye, Kuban and is lost in the mountains of the Caucasus. Circles appear here in the second half of June.
Second Invasion of circles begins a month just north of the strip from Kursk to Kamyshino and lost in the steppes of Kazakhstan.
The third band stirs mysterious icons residents of Vitebsk, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Chelyabinsk, Krasnoyarsk and Vladivostok in the 20 days of August.
(These laws are published for the first time and are the result of research and V.Chernobrova ONIO "Kosmopoisk"). On schedule

It turned out that all anomalous circles very punctual. Eyewitness accounts and survey data indicate that the Kuban mysterious icons appear exactly at astronomical midnight — 1 hour 24 minutes.
It is more difficult to determine the day of the anomaly. Date of its appearance from one year to swim.

The aliens have nothing to do with it, too addicts

Most of all walks of talk about the authors of these mysterious works. Ufologists argue that these are traces of UFOs and aliens. The leaders of the collective farms, which spoil the crop circles, cursing over the antics of drug addicts. Skeptics believe that this is the tricks of adventurers.

Tricks of adventurers in the fields of Great Britain on the second half of June 2005

According to Vadim Chernobrov, total there are 20 versions of the appearance of crop circles. Some of them points to a terrestrial origin. The second group is the cause of their appearance under the ground — from geoizlucheny, seismic waves, magnetic fields, and even excessive fertilizer.
And the third part of the versions of the most popular shows of the mark. Like, it's something flew from there: UFO fireball or someone's mind.

Fakes do not offer

At first glance, it seems that the circles in wheat can be faked. Researchers are not up to snuff. By the way, all 80 events recorded laps in Russia and the CIS — the original. There was only one fake, which quickly discovered.

In these anomalies ears are not broken, but merely bent at
angle of 90 degrees and laid flat and surprisingly sophisticated. In all fakes
exactly the opposite.

In addition, the wheat in these circles is subjected to a short heat exposure. Because of this spike adopts the bizarre shape, thicker, there are changes in its cellular structure. But the plant does not die, and continues to grow.

Night extravaganza

If you listen to the witnesses the appearance of the mysterious circles, then immediately recall scenes tales about the Russian Humpbacked Horse and midsummer color. And here and there it happens at midnight, accompanied by a bright glow and a loud noise. Remember, the Firebird caught just in a wheat field? A Midsummer Night has exactly on time, the most probable appearance of circles.
In general, eyewitnesses say that the appearance of circles by light and sound extravaganza. Sometimes, but very rarely seen a UFO. Sometimes — ball lightning. In all likelihood, be at the epicenter of events at the moment is unsafe. According to Vadim Chernobrov, in some circles, found the bodies of animals. Did you see how the animals run away from the scene. For a fresh round of birds and animals are also not coming. Harmful or helpful?

On the question of how these circles are safe for human health, Vadim Chernobrov replied evasively. Like, it all depends on self-hypnosis and the subjective opinions of people. Some feel it does not matter in the disk, while others, well. But playing on the spot anomalies wedding and a barbecue Vadim Chernobrov advises. And that's just come to gawk at the wonder is not forbidden. It's perfectly safe. Although medical studies of people in the present expedition is planned.

Symbols, then the three-dimensional

Who has seen the mysterious icons, could not pay attention to their strange shapes. They are similar to some letters. And researchers are already trying to decipher them.
Interestingly, all these images, though written on flat ground, but often have three axes, the three-beam structure. From the central circle in three directions at an angle of 120 degrees depart line, after which the images are formed more. Moreover, these images show the central figure as if from the outside. Thus is revealed and the three-dimensional image. According to Vadim Chernobrov, any engineer will see this icon in professional help.

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