Crossroads. Since May 1, the network will round off the amount of checks in favor of the buyer

X5 Retail Group, the managing networks Pyatorochka, Carrefour and Carousel, today announced that on May 1 in all Carrefour stores in calculating the amount of the check will be in cashmenshatsya to the whole of the ruble in favor of the buyer. I own customers the opportunity to pay a purchase coins in denominations of 1, 5, 10 and 50 cents saved.
The decision to rounding adopted within the implementation of a new advertising concept of the network in which the audience's attention is focused on the importance of feedback from customers Crossroads. According to the company, reducing the amount of the check to the whole of the ruble will not only reduce the cost of buyers, but will also significantly reduce the time required to calculate the customer at the checkout. 


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