Dancing House in Prague

This Dancing House is in the center of the Czech capital of Prague, on the bank of the Vltava River near the street Resslovoy. Earlier this place was an ordinary house, which in January 1945 was bombed by U.S. warplanes. The place was empty for 50 years until President Vaclav Havel has not decided to build up the wasteland. What prompted him to such a decision — is not clear, can that which is adjacent surviving house was built by his grandfather in the distant past was a family sobsvenno Havel.

This, more likely, but the president of the Czech Republic decided to build a house on the site of a vacant lot, appointing architect Vlado Milunicha — Czech with Croatian origins. But the insurance company that bought this piece of land, put forward the condition that the project should attend any known western architect. Preference was given to the US-Canadian architect Frank Gehry-deconstructionist.

Amazing house was built from 1994 to 1996, under the watchful eye of Vaclav Havel. In the architecture of the building was based on the idea of an analogy with the well-known at the time of the dance duo "Ginger and Fred." The architectural design was: expanding upward cylindrical portion of the building represented the male figure (Fred), when you look at the second part — have formed associations with Ginger — with its wasp waist and billowing skirt in motion …

The idea was brought to life! But the name "Ginger and Fred" did not became official. In people, this building became known as "dancing", and sometimes "drunk" home. Currently, the building houses a business center, there are offices of international companies. With being on the roof of a French restaurant has a beautiful view of Prague. At first glance, the structure appears a confident sense of fragility designs. Especially if you look photo. If the building is not considered in the photo, and a life-size close, the sense of fragility and weakness disappears completely. Types of buildings from different angles become even more outlandish, and the layout of the rooms and open views from the windows are beautiful!


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