Danger of flooding in Bulgaria

Balkans covered rains brought by the Mediterranean cyclone. The central and southern part of Bulgaria on the verge of flooding, a few days ago in its nine regions was declared a "yellow" code of danger. With the increased rainfall code red danger announced in the Maritsa River near the town of Harmanli. Code orange danger remains relevant for settlement Parvomay and Svilengrad and to Plovdiv.

Warned of the possibility of flooding and riverbank residents Sazliyka and Tundja (hazard code "yellow"), and the southern regions of Bulgaria. In the mountainous parts of the country expected a significant cooling to 14 ° C and fog, complicating travel by road. For general security neighboring countries, Greece and Turkey are also preparing for possible problems with rain and possible river floods.

South Bulgaria after the floods in February 2012.
Floods in Bulgaria 6 February 2012 claimed the lives of 10 people in the worst affected village and Bisser Leshnikovo because broken through the dam was destroyed 55 houses.

Source: ecowars.tv.

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