Dead fish on the beach in Alabama, USA (video)

Dead fish in Alabama

Laura Pfizenmauer every morning is traditionally a walk on the beach in Gulf Shores, on Saturday, was shocked by what he saw, reported

"When we went down to the sea, we saw a dead fish. It was everywhere. I mean, it did not need to look for. It was everywhere! "Said Laura.

Charles Kelley, responsible on the beach of the Gulf, also expressed concern.

"The fact that all the dead birds — is the same kind of fish. This hetodipterus — coral fish that is bred in the aquarium, which is very unusual. This fish eats jellyfish, and that so many died, it never was, we do not know why this happened, "Kelly said.

He added that the dead fish were found in the area in the long beach 3 miles.

Charles did not know where they came from, but it's certainly the first time, at least since he began working here in 1995.

"I've never seen this before," Kelly said.

On the beach as usual a lot of people swim and play with their children. Laura Pfizenmauer very concerned by what she saw.

"Something's going on. It scares me, as a local resident. We like to rest on the beach, and I do not want our sea brought death, says Laura. "I'm not an expert, I just wanted to know what was going on."

Charles Kelly said that fish samples were taken for testing.


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