Deadly tornadoes swept across the Midwest

Storm cyclone within range of which were a few U.S. states, has created a destructive tornado killed several people. The threat of river flooding forced residents to flee the coastal city on the hill to escape the floods.

Three days of heavy rains and storms went through the residents of Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi and Tennessee. Over the banks of water threatens to destroy the dams that protect thousands of homes. In this regard, the authorities were forced to evacuate people from a number of localities.

However, the victims could not be avoided, reports Associated Press.

Take a ride on the central part of Arkansas tornado caused large-scale destruction in VILON and caused the deaths of four people. Still, at least five people were killed in floods in Madison County, Washington, in the northwest of the state. And in the town of McComb, Mississippi storm caused a family tragedy: the wind a large tree collapsed on a house and killed a three-year girl. Both parents, who were in the same room, were injured.

Rescue teams are working without rest, to rescue people from the water prison. Simultaneously, community services workers reinforce the dam, driving them on boats sandbags.

Regular storms looming in the north-eastern part of Texas, eastern Oklahoma and Arkansas, it may lead to new tornadoes. "Do not be surprised if in the end we will have to deal with 10 or 12 tornadoes," — said John Robinson, a weather service coordinator, directed distress in the region to assess the damage from the elements.

The enumeration of all troubles caused by the Midwest would take the whole list. Note that only in the vicinity of Poplar Bluff, authorities plan to evacuate six thousand homes. Dam barely hold back the tide flow Mississippi, and spilled water has flooded the low-rise buildings, forcing 300 people to take refuge in a local concert hall. About 60 people, caught off guard in the streets, suddenly turned into the river, had to be rescued by boat. To the place of the disaster were brought National Guard had specialized rescue equipment.

Arkansas and Kentucky authorities declared a state of emergency. Due to the sharp increase in the water level in the Ohio and Mississippi rivers in the coming days in these states are expected in record flooding. Danger of destruction threaten dams in the counties of St. Francois, Pike and Lincoln.

The lack of security and downstream Mississippi. In order to reduce the water pressure on the dam Berds Point in southeast Missouri military engineers planned to punch holes in it. However, the Attorney General is not allowed to do so by filing a lawsuit in federal court. It turned out that the adoption of such a measure water will rush to flood farmland and over 50 thousand hectares of arable land.

Recall that at least 45 people were killed in a dozen tornadoes, struck the south-eastern states of the U.S. last week.

Hardest hit North Carolina in more than 100 recorded 60 tornadoes were spotted in its territory.


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