Death of 1500 head of cattle in South Dakota


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22.07.11.Glavny veterinarian South Dakota, Dustin Oudekoven, said that in the state of unbearable heat waves killed more than a thousand animals.

Unbearable heat exhausting cattle, especially in areas where there is no wind. Sultry nights have contributed to increased mortality of livestock. According to the newspaper «The Daily Republic», cattle can not tolerate such high temperatures, because the body does not have time to cool the animals, and they die.

The average annual mortality rate of cattle is 1-2%. What will be the indicators of this year, experts find it difficult to say, but obviously they exceed 2%-ing plate.

As stated by Mr. Oudekoven, cattle produce a lot of heat during the use of food, so he recommends farmers to feed cattle at night, when the heat subsides a bit. Symptoms of heat stress in cattle occur throughout the state. The main signs of overheating in cattle are open mouth, protruding tongue, loss of coordination, weakness, inability to rise from the ground. When these symptoms occur, the animals are unlikely to be saved.

In addition, veterinary farmers pay attention to the fact that some animals are especially susceptible to heat stress — it's dark colored animals, obese animals or animals that are prone to respiratory infections. Signs of heat stress occur more often in the evening, when the body is trying to adjust the temperature of the animal body, and not up to the task.

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