Death of bees in Belarus


Photo: Valentine Kozlovich

22.07.11.Vo yard Sergei Mikulik pensioner from the village Chepeli Pruzhany District — blooming pharmacy.
Wherever you look — herbs: motherwort, mullein, lemon balm, milk thistle, hemlock. "Can you imagine what my healing honey bees next to the house?" — Sergey expertly tells the story of marijuana in the apiary. But if the inhabitants of his 16 hives could only spin in the yard! And that after flying in search of healing nectar far beyond the village.

This summer, Sergey Mikulik killed up to 30 percent of the bees. Damage to the host is not counted, but said that honey will be much less. Similar losses have villagers Leontius Dulko and Vasyl Pekunov. Apiary Jacob Davidiuk neighboring Grinevich also suffered.

Csepel, Grinevich, Suhopol, Zhadeny, Linova — which way you go from no Pruzhany everywhere hear complaints beekeepers. Villagers resent farms that conduct chemical processing plants, not warning about local Bortnikov. This summer, the conflict flared up so badly, that the situation had to discuss in the Pruzhany executive committee.

I — on the outskirts of the Bialowieza Forest. In the Chapel. To engage the edge of the forest honey — a holy cause. Leonti Dulko — the most experienced in the village beekeeper. Experience — for almost 30 years. The owner of the 22 hive.

— Our agricultural enterprise "ants" processed the rape of the countryside. In the evening, the bees were returning patients. Some, who were at that time on the flowers, were killed on the spot, others returned half-dead — Leonti Maksimovic collected bees and then killed along with fellow prisoners went to the office sector. He says he was told that the chemicals have documents confirming safety.

— For people who can, and are safe, and are toxic to bees, — Sergey Mikulik too, no doubt, why the insects died.

But without chemical treatment field today is not enough. What is the solution? Beekeepers believe that simple.

— It is possible to spray chemicals in the evening, when the bees flew home. Or warn us for 3 days. We will not release the bees, — Sergey Mikulik sure you can agree.

But the director of "The Ant" Peter Biletsky to conclusions beekeepers disagrees:

— We were warned. And beekeepers feared close bees in the hive — the street was under 30 degrees, it is dangerous to leave insects confined.

A similar problem at about the same time of the incident and in the experimental base "Belousovschina." Some beekeepers lost 70 percent of the bees. The farm has partially admitted guilt. Sorry, that was not warned about the upcoming treatment. And they found a justification, citing a lack of information about the beekeeper. Like, the owners do not have the animal health certificates for bees, because Village Council is not aware of the number of apiaries. And since there is no information to warn anyone?

Beekeepers are offended not only the heads of households who are with them are not considered, but also on the inspection area of natural resources and environmental protection. For being aloof. Its leader Boleslaw Andrushkone no secret:

— We try not to interfere. Bees — patrimony of veterinary services and management for agriculture.

And in the district veterinary station confirmed that no passport — is a problem. Certification of apiaries is slow. Only 11 beekeepers district received animal health passport. Without such a document can not sell honey on the market. And, as the life, do not get compensation in case of death of the bees.

— "Belousovschina" is designed with only one beekeeper Zhadeny from the village, which has been issued a passport — added Tatiana Vorobyov, a specialist District Department of Agriculture and Food.

But excuse me! Could there be a lack of passports apiary indulgence for agricultural chemist? Is the head of the economy, the village council does not have to know what people are doing on their territory? If the beekeeper is not himself have to go to him, to offer to make the bees, as it should. And a piece of paper with information about the upcoming working fields on the store to hang, I think, were not working. Questions, in my opinion, is more than answers. From what he saw and heard, it concluded, the current situation in the area Pruzhany like talking to the deaf-blind: Beekeepers are asked to warn of chemical treatment, and answer them, advised to issue passports bees …


Victor Bodak, director of "Brest bee":

— The Brest region of more than 2.3 thousand bee-lovers, about 140 apiaries in the farms. Earlier in our society in the areas of animal science worked on beekeeping, but a couple years ago the post was abolished. Now the bees — "load" for the Office of Agriculture. I do not think it has affected the situation. But such cases, as in Pruzhanschine, this summer was in Pinsk, Baranovichi areas … It is necessary in each case to understand in detail. Or maybe not processed canola farming, and the neighbor sprinkled potato field, fighting the Colorado potato beetle? Yes, I have to stand up for the beekeepers, but I will say: do not make an issue of veterinary passport. His statement is no more than 15 thousand. Thanks to the passport of your lesson, you will know in the village hall, in the veterinary station. In beekeeping passport — not a piece of paper, and the document, which in the case of protection.

Author of the article: Valentine Kozlovich


Source: "SB-Belarus Today".

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