Death of bees in Kazakhstan



17.08.11.V Northern Kazakhstan killed 20 million bees. Their ease off as pests on rape fields, and thus destroyed dozens of beekeepers.

Now they need to bring the head of one of the local farms to justice. Not only have the bees, and poisoned all the honey in the comb.

Bees individually considered rejected, usually weight. Here three kilograms of poisoned bees. Just yesterday it was buzzing hive, and today — evidence for the investigation.

On rapeseed field unusually quiet. But beekeepers are buzzing like a disturbed beehive. Mentees ease off in front of them.


"I stood in the apiary, immediately our guys were, and so he went there as a tractor and all the poison, even here at the hive fly away."

Herbs privately owned ordinary moth. By law, he was required to notify the five days before the start of work. Now, only the cost of dead bees is estimated at five million tenge. Beekeepers had to call his heavy artillery.

PETER DMITRIENKO, chairman of the association of beekeepers RMS:

"The glaring negative attitude towards nature. I will, as president of the Association of beekeepers, and as a deputy of the Majilis, I will support the victims to fully compensate them for any damage. "

In the forest the first time such a revival. Seven beekeepers already submitted an application to the police. Within a radius of 10 kilometers of killing all the bees. Without honey were a few villages.

IVAN ZAVERTUNOV, beekeepers:

"Given a sample of honey in the veterinary laboratory, which is to make a statement, you can use it or not. If infected, and we consider it as such, has brought in a bee hive poisonous nectar and pollen, then it will have to destroy. "

A month ago, just as the bees ease off in the East Kazakhstan region. Together with locusts. Now hit the North. Beekeepers make their own conclusions.

ALLA Fomin, human rights defenders:

"In this regard the authorities, agronomists and private traders, who can guarantee that putting beehives again, we did not receive in the future the same mountains of corpses of bees that we see now?"

The materials of the case is already involved the police. Damage — it's not just the cost of bees and honey, and beekeepers compensation for two years. So much time they need to breed new bee colonies. Those that survive today, will die within a month. A dose of poison, they have already received.

* The link to the source is video, but unfortunately no sound.

North Kazakhstan

Source: Seventh Channel-Kazakhstan

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