Death of bees in Latvia. Video


19.07.11.Neky Danish businessman, sprinkling his canola field insecticides, destroyed more than 400 bee hives in the townships and Liepupes Vilkenes.

This was reported by the executive director of the Latvian Association of Beekeepers Rita Bartushevicha.Pod Suspicion fell firm Dan-Agro, registered in the parish Brengulyu.Po said Rita Bartushevichi, analyzes of samples from nine families of the dead bee beekeepers decided to pay the organization.

But some beekeepers have already given examples of poisoned animals on their own expertise, paying 100 lats. Those who have no money to spare, but who also suffered a bee, can seek help from the Society of beekeepers. If the offender refuses to indemnify the employer, beekeepers are going to go to court.

Each year in Latvia killed a large number of bees from poisoning by chemicals, but this case is the largest of all known.



Uploaded ltvpanorama, Date: 18/07/2011

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