Death of bees in Turkey


25.07.11V rush to save sunflower crop, Turkish farmers dealt a death blow to the bees.

Farmland in eastern Turkey provide one third of the rich harvest of sunflower in the country. However, the fields are used for handling hazardous pesticides that protect crops from adverse events and factors, but kill the bees.

Moreover, farmers use pesticides that have been banned by the Ministry of Agriculture of Turkey, as the results of use of the drug in the past were not as dire as now.

Pesticides affect the nervous system of bees, resulting in a loss of sensitivity to the smell of bees and disorienting insects. Apart from the fact that the region has dramatically reduced the production of honey, pollination and sunflower harvest this crop is also under threat of decline, according to news agency "Kazakhstan-Grain."

The mass death of bees may have other negative consequences. Einstein said — if the earth bees disappear, mankind will live for another 4 years. Beekeepers around the world are sounding the alarm on the decline of bees, and that the death of bees, many scientists believe, could lead to global food hunger.

Unfortunately, often farming brings not only benefits but also great harm to the environment. In pursuit of the satisfaction of consumer demand so difficult to find the line that divides the vandalism, and service to others and to nature.

Catherine Akdogan

Source:  Agency "Kazakh-Grain"

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