Death of fish in China



12.08.11.V past few days for more than 50 kilometers of the river basin in the county Tszytszyan Sinshao Hunan / Central China / a mass death of fish.

Fish, which is in many aquaculture cages, died. A large area of the river Tszytszyan also died and wild fish. Mass mortality now extends downstream to the cities and Loudi Lenshuytszyan. The county Sinshao currently taking steps to save the fish.

Tszytszyan river flows from south to north across the whole of the central Hunan Province and empties into Lake Dongting. It is one of the four largest rivers in Hunan Province.

According to the Head of Department of Environment county Sinshao Lo Chuni, the site on which the dying fish, has a length of about 55 miles, it starts from the bridge on the border of the county Yansitsyao Sinshao with Shaoyang city limits and continues to the hydroelectric dam "Xiaosi" in the same district.

Engaged for more than 10 years of breeding fish near the administrative center of the county Sinshao fisherman village Chantan Lei Xinhua reported that on the evening of August 4 located upstream of the bridge to the village Yansitsyao Chantan river water turned black.

Then in the downstream villages and Dasinsyan Syaositsun, respectively, 7 and 11 August, the fish float died. Fishermen report that fish are killed in those places, to which came the black water. This message has been confirmed by the Office for Environmental Protection Sinshao County.

Deputy Governor of the county Sinshao Sunhay Xiao said the fish kill has affected more than 130 fish farms County, just destroyed over 200 tons of fish. Direct economic losses of fishermen exceed 20 billion yuan. Count the number of dead wild fish is not possible.

At present, the county Sinshao already reported the situation to the management for livestock, pastoral and Water Resources of Hunan Province. At present, management sent a request about taking specialist departments at the provincial level samples and study the causes of the death of the fish. It is expected that the results can be obtained within 10 days.

Source: China Radio International

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