Death of fish in Thailand


BANGKOK, June 3 — RIA Novosti, Yevgeny Belenky. The governor of the Thai province of Ayutthaya announced two coastal areas of the province a disaster area because of a major accident, which resulted in the Chao Phraya river spilled 1.8 thousand tons of sugar, said on Friday an electronic version of the newspaper Nation.

Wittchen Pieuphong governor took the decision to declare the area "old town" of Ayutthaya and the adjoining new residential area a disaster area two days after Tuesday barge loaded with 1.8 thousand tons of sugar cane, at full speed crashed into the coast and capsized .

By Thursday evening the river was marked by mass death of fish and other river animals.

Chao Phraya River — the main water transport artery of central Thailand. On it is transported to the port of Bangkok most of the bulk cargo to be exported: first, rice and sugar.

Thailand shares with Vietnam, the top exporter of rice in the world and at the same time is one of the world's largest suppliers of cane sugar.

The accident occurred near the ancient capital of Siam (Thailand), sparsely populated today, "old town" of Ayutthaya about 70 kilometers upstream from the capital Port Chaophraya Klong Tay. Bangkok is a seaport on the river near where it flows into the Gulf of Siam.

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