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15.08.11.Poslednie few days, residents living along the coast of the River Pearl River in Louisiana saw a terrible picture of the death of fish in the pond, which greatly frightened them.

For many people living here, it is not only beautiful scenery area, it is a lifestyle.

"We feed our families a few times a week, all that supply us with the river, whether it be a frog, fish or animal, and the fact that we do catch stocks for the winter, said Michael Mitchells, but now our way of life is in question, and that Even worse, there is no explanation of the reasons for the mass death, and we would like to know the reason. "

"I've been here 59 years, the death of fish I certainly had seen before, but never anything like this occasion, I did not see," — said Dan Taylor, a resident of the town located not podaleku Picayune.

On the surface of clear water floats belly up not only the various types of fish, eel, but there are also frogs and snakes.
"Whatever was the cause of death due to river inhabitants did not matter, the river died" — sadly said Mitchells.

Some have suggested that the death of fish in the river due to a low level of oxygen dissolved in the water because of the intense heat in the summer.
"In our river killed all the fish. Not one, not two, but all. The lack of oxygen in the water and there was before, but it did not kill all living things — Mitchells said.
"I think that the river merged something chemically different. They built a chemical works on us, they built a paper mill on us "- says Taylor.

Officials from the Department of Environmental Safety Louisiana are investigating the involvement of an environmental catastrophe cellulose — paper mill upstream in Bogalusa. So far, officials have said that until an investigation can not entirely blame the plant.

"The combine is allowed to do a certain amount of discharge of waste into the maximum allowable concentrations, but earlier this week he had a problem, and there was unauthorized discharge into the river so-called" black liquor "- said the representative of the Department of Environmental Safety.

"River for many people was the only means of subsistence, there were many fishermen lovivshih fish for sale, but now they do not have this opportunity," — said Taylor.

The Department of Water Resources of Mississippi said they take water samples for analysis and will continue to closely monitor the state of the river. Water samples are sent to different places.
Louisiana Department of Environmental Safety, said that if proven guilty paper mill, its owners will be a very heavy fine. Of Representatives of the paper mill in Bogalusa are ready to assist in the investigation of this incident.

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Source: — The News for South Mississippi

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