Defeated if «Chinook» in the Indian tender?

Defeated if  Defeated if

Not so long ago, from India came the news of the end of the competition for the purchase of an attack helicopter. In the tender defeated South American Boeing AH-64D, on a number of features surpassed Russian Mi-28N. Now, new information on the status of another 1st Contest concerning deliveries of helicopters, and again can be a nasty situation for Russia. But first things first.

Last Sunday, the Indian edition of Times Of India has published information about the future after the competition, the aim of which is to buy air forces of India and a half 10-s languid transport helicopters. The main rivals in the process of these «events» were helicopters Boeing CH-47 Chinook and Mi-26T2. Despite belonging to the same class, these machines differ significantly in their features. First, it is worth recalling the payload of these helicopters. South American helicopter CH-47 recent modifications can raise air cargo total weight above 12 tons and for Russian Mi-26T2 this parameter is 20 thousand pounds. So Makar, the properties of both helicopters are hinted at result of competition.
Yet, Times Of India released quite sudden news. With reference to some source in the Ministry of Defence of India newspaper wrote that the favorite is elected, and it — not Russian machine. The main prerequisite is a choice source referred to the lowest price of the South American helicopter. In addition, some Indian journalists mentioned an advantage «Chinook» from a technical standpoint. This message looks at least surprising. Hitherto all competitions with the role of Mi-26 helicopters of various modifications are equally ended: the signing of the treaty with Russia. Now argues that Russian helicopter not only did not win the competition, but for some reason became worse American rotorcraft, which markedly differs from it. Try to understand the situation.

First, it is necessary to touch the technical features. As already mentioned, the Russian helicopter has a huge capacity. Moreover, this parameter with the Mi-26 is not yet able to compete any helicopter in the world. Record size supported by a large load of cargo cabin: 12h3, 25×3 meters (approximately 117 cubic meters). Gruzootsekah CH-47, in turn, markedly less than: 9,2 x2, 5×2 meter (about 45 cubic meters). It is easy to guess what the helicopter will be able to carry more weight in the weight and volume measurements. With regard to load capacity can recall two options when Russian Mi-26 were taken from Afghanistan warped CH-47. In addition, normal takeoff weight of U.S. helicopters for a couple of tons of load capacity exceeds the highest Russian Mi-26. With regard to flight data, the speed and distance of the Mi-26 and CH-47 are approximately equal. So Makar, from a technical point of view, definitely wins Russian helicopter. Of course, provided that the customer needs a car to load in two 10-ka tons. Judging by the initial technical assignment competition, Indian Air Force wish to receive such specifically helicopters.

We turn to the monetary side of things. According to open sources, the CH-47 helicopters later modifications zabugornye cost customers about 30 million dollars apiece. Mi-26T2 regarding such no disk imaging, but the last of this model helicopters cost less than 25 million. In other words, even when significant hardware change, engines, etc. Russian helicopter is the latest modification, at least no more than the South American. Maybe when calculating the economic aspects of Indian competition commission took into account not only the cost of helicopters, and the price of service. But such a reason does not look quite right because the best-duty Mi-26T2. Completely obvious that more needs to load cost operator in its proper amount. Here again the argument vorachivayutsya the technical conditions of the competition, which was registered in the load capacity of 20 tons. Why, one wonders, such a requirement, if responsible for the purchase of helicopters just wish it means?

But the most fascinating information that may shed light on the results of the Indian competition came from RIA Novosti. Russian news agency also cites an anonymous source, now close to our defense industry. Despite the anonymity, the man shared completely trivial and expected information. Source of «news» claims that Russian vertoletostroiteli not yet received any official notification of the end of the Indian competition. Maybe source RIA Announcements virtue of any circumstances not a tribute to information, but a number of things allows you to recognize the correctness of his words. The decision of the competition committee, as it always happens, and soon to be announced vserasprostraneno mass of information. And now we have information only from informal anonymous sources. First suspected causes an unnamed person from the Indian Defense Ministry. The fact that the decision for the truth statement about winning the CH-47 is a lot of hesitation and issues, both technical and economic nature. Source Russian RIA Novosti, in turn, provided information, which does not come in clear contradiction with the logic and a number of other facts.

So Makar, at the present time the news about the results of the competition for the supply of languid transport helicopter for the Indian Air Force is to recognize the hearing, at least, do not have a formal proof. At the same time, until the results of the tender committee of the Indian Ministry of Defence on the winner remains open. In such a situation it is necessary to wait for the end of the competition committee, and compare with the reality of his suspicions as to whether or another anonymous source.

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