Defense of the Southern District received the Tor-M1-2U

In the Southern Military District (SOUTH) as part of defense contracts began to receive new air defense missile system "Tor-M1-2U", said Tuesday the deputy head of the press service of the Southern Military District Colonel Oleg Kochetkov.


"The first batch of air defense missile systems" Tor-M1-2U "was admitted to the troops of the Southern Military District. Until the end of this year, this type of air defense missile systems will be staffed with air defense unit, stationed in the Volgograd region "- said O.Kochetkov.

He said that the "Tor-M1-2U" will replace standing armed anti-aircraft missiles and short-range systems "Wasp", "Thor", "Tor-M1".

AAMS "Tor-M1-2U" is designed to destroy aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aircraft aerodynamics, guided missiles, and other elements of precision weapons, flying at medium, low and very low altitudes.

Aircraft station complex to detect and track up to a few tens of aerial targets in the area of over 30 km. In addition, the electronic equipment of the new air defense missile systems allows you to select targets on the level of danger, "prompting" of combat crews prioritize their fire. The system is capable of hitting 4 targets simultaneously at a height of 10 km. The crew of 3 persons
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