Detailed information concerning the victims after the hail in China

According to updated data provided by local authorities, 40 Chinese were killed in a brief but powerful hail and torrential rains in the mountainous region of north-western China May 8, 2012. Another 80 people were missing in Gansu Province, and 87 people were hospitalized. According to official figures, 29,300 people were evacuated after heavy showers and hail were in one of the districts within the hour. In 18 districts, District 2/3 of the population, one way or another, have suffered from the event. Roads were blocked, houses were destroyed, agricultural lands are beaten by hail. In many places, the electricity supply was disrupted, and telecommunication services are temporarily not working in the area Min.
Starting from May 8, 2012, hail destroyed 7,600 homes. 3.42 million Chinese people suffered, about 64 thousand of them were given shelter in safer areas. Min District located 150 kilometers from Zhoku — the district in which in August 2010 as a result of landslides killed 1,500 people.

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