Disappointing outlook

Global warming will have such an impact on the weather in the world, that some areas will soon become uninhabitable.

Change that is more difficult to analyze, to cause damage to both human life and the economy, according to a new report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), is at the disposal of employees Associated Press

The final version of the report will be published in the coming weeks, after the meeting of the Board in Uganda. Experts say that in the U.S. by the end of the century a strong one-day rain that now occur about once every 10 years will be at least 2 times per decade.

They also claim that the increased incidence of drought around the world. While that is not exactly the connection between global warming and drought, but the computer simulation confirms that if current trends in climate change, dry weather will only intensify. Unfortunately, the scientific foundation for the relationship between disasters and global warming is not easy — it requires a lot of time and a large amount of computation.

In addition, the researchers also predict an increase in the intensity of the monsoon doges. Warm air can hold more moisture, and more influence on the weather conditions, changing the dynamics of storms. Now Thailand is suffering from monsoon rains — it is direct evidence of how the climate is related to population growth, urban development and the ecosystem of the rivers. "In the future, climate change will harm is social and economic life of many regions", — the report says.

Recall that a few days ago, the north-eastern U.S. paralyzed massive snowstorm. Element not only left without electricity for about 5 million people and paralyzed a number of roads, but also claimed the lives of at least three people. In some areas of the east coast of the country has fallen more than 60 cm of snow, which is a record for the last 100 years. The average thickness of the resulting tender cover is 20-30 centimeters.

All this is extremely reminiscent of last year's history when the East Coast of the United States and Canada have also hit all-time snow storm.

However, then it started later — in late December. In New York, the epicenter, 51 cm of snow fell, the number of canceled flights reached 2 thousand, also have big problems with road and rail links.

Source: ecocollaps.ru.

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