Discount for pardon before the end of the world 50%! Think of your soul!




  • 50% discount for the indulgence of the Catholic Church.
  • One person can buy one coupon for themselves.
  • Activate the coupon and receive absolution by sending the coupon number on mail hase.santamaria @
  • One person can buy one voucher for yourself and an unlimited number of coupons as gifts.
  • Advice can be obtained by writing an email to hase.santamaria @


According to the predictions of our world comes to an end. But we will not be sad. The forgiveness of sins for you organize the Catholic Church of Assisi in the Italian region of Umbria, in the province of Perugia, on the southern slope of Mount Subasio, located high above the picturesque and the influx of the Tiber — Kiasho.

In this gray damp, depressing time, it gives us all a wonderful gift — astounding discount of 50% on personal indulgence!

What is an indulgence? This is the first step on the path to God. Acquiring it, the person starts to do good, because the proceeds from the sale of the manuscript for centuries donated to charity.

To get the full remission of sins, we must all be kinder to notice trouble and deprivation of others. This can help the Catholic Church, conducting action, as all proceeds from the sale of coupons for the granting of indulgences, will go to help sick children.

All costs of delivery are paid by the church indulgences. You just have to buy the coupon and send it to the number on the email hase.santamaria @

Number of coupons is limited to personal indulgence.

Take care of your soul!

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