Discover the secret of dark spots on the Sun

Sometimes, the sun may appear several spots.

Astronomers have discovered a dark downward flow of gas from the star

The dark spots on the sun for a long time did not allow scientists to peace: why light from time to time suddenly covered them as large freckles? They were first seen with the naked eye ancient Chinese astronomers. And the opening was only with the advent of the first telescopes in the early XVII century astronomers Christoph Scheiner and Galileo Galilei. Scheiner watching spots before Galileo, but did not understand their nature and did not publish his discovery. Priority of discovery belongs by right Galilee. Observing the motion of spots on the Sun, he was even able to determine the rotation period of the Sun. It turned out that the speed of rotation of a sun at different latitudes varies. Sun rotates as a solid body.

But the mystery stains could only guess today. It turned out that they are areas of cooler material. They arise from the fact that a very high magnetic activity of the Sun can interfere with the uniform current of hot plasma. To date, however, many details of the structure of spots remain unclear, reports

In particular, scientists have no definitive explanation as to the nature of the brighter bands (border) surrounding a dark part of the spot. The length of such bands can reach two thousand miles, and the width — 150 kilometers. Because of the relatively small size of the spot is quite difficult to learn. Many astronomers believed that bands are upward and downward flow of gas — the hot material rises from the solar interior to the surface, which spreads out, cools and sinks at high speed down. Brown downdraft gas moving at a speed of about 3.6 thousand miles an hour, and the speed of lift is about 10.8 thousand kilometers per hour.


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