Disposal of munitions on the range top Aduy became hell for local residents


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10.04.11.Pochti year on the range top in the Sverdlovsk region Aduy disposing of shells and missiles obsolete. Several times a day, local residents heard explosions. The houses are shaking chandeliers and crockery, pots of flowers fall to the floor, walls and ceiling are covered with cracks. People complain to other authorities, but explosions still rattle.

— Blow constantly, the house breaks, everything in it is moving. Plaster from the ceiling collapsed. Great-grandson was very scared and cried: "The ceiling collapsed!" Cat nearly killed. Plaster fell to the floor, on the bed. To this day I can not move away from the shock! — Says the 86 year-old resident of the village of Mosty, veteran labor, the widow of a war veteran Evdokia Pervushina.

— When they begin to blow, I am taking a two-year daughter to another room, where safer. Shakes all around — from floor to ceiling! For six months, I write in different instances — no results! — Complaining about local resident Julia Podolski.

At the country club were forced to stop work with children, as the walls were covered with deep cracks and the ceiling plaster is crumbling daily. Until recently, the club acted choreographic group and sports section. This is the only place in which rural children to spend their leisure time.

— Here come the children of different ages. We have done everything possible to be interesting: we have musical instruments, billiard. But now I can not take children here, suddenly plaster collapse on their heads! — Says the head of the club Jamil Shilov.

— Live as if in a time of war, every day waiting for the bombing. Us army inflicts damage our country, destroying what we have built over the years for their symbolic wages. The program is designed for ammunition disposal until 2015. During this time all the houses here will collapse — outraged resident Mostowski Alexander Minkin.

Damaged by explosions and the building of the village administration.

— From the blast bent the window frame, I had to beat her big nails — shows the head of the village administration Mostowski Alexander Yakovlev.

"SP": — To you often ask people to complain to the bombings?

— Regularly. One retired recently reported that in her house was falling apart folded a few months ago stove.

"SP": — You accessed anywhere with complaints?

— On my official letters military authorities never responded. Appealed to the military prosecutor's office, from which came the reply, which showed only one violation — a little noise threshold is exceeded. People are very dissatisfied with what is happening. We do everything we can to help people, but our strength is not enough.

Destruction of ammunition in the country in accordance with the Federal target program "On the organization of the destruction of ammunition with expired shelf life to ensure the safety of military facilities, the population living near arsenals, bases and ammunition depots." The Russian army has eliminated 42,000 cars obsolete weapons. Among them, 30,000 rockets and ammunition wagons, 10,000 coaches obsolete weapons and military equipment, mainly tanks, combat vehicles and armored personnel carriers, as well as the 2000 cars of small arms. To date, destroyed some 40,000 tons of ammunition with expired shelf life. This is approximately half of the plan. Most deemed unsuitable ammunition manufactured in 1950-1970's.

Resent the actions of the military and the people of Upper Pyshma.

— Bearing structures of houses vibrate, and some houses are already destroyed, — says a resident of the City of Hope Govorkova.

The head of the urban district Upper Pyshma Hope Mamaev testifies: "January and February we stayed relatively calm, and in March, the number of explosions has increased. The day explode from 10 to 35 rounds in the time interval between the 15 and 18-Tew Tew hours. To conduct comprehensive monitoring of the situation is necessary to install sensors at the site by the Ministry of Defense of Russia and conduct daily measurements of various indicators. There is another danger — approaching fire season. Last year, a fire in the valley of the river Aduy led destruction of ammunition. "

From the military prosecutor's office of the Volga-Urals Military District Mamayeva Hope received a reply, stating that "… the sound effect of the shock wave is several times larger than this is." But the situation has not changed.

The chief engineer of the Central Military Forces (CVO) district Andrey Gagloev argues that the destruction of ammunition can cause the destruction of homes: "In order to dispel any doubts and to prove the groundlessness of complaints from the public, I propose to invite to the event for the destruction of ammunition locals representatives of NGOs and the media. We clearly demonstrate that the fears are groundless. "

— Why, in that case, on the walls there are cracks and crumbling plaster from the ceiling? — Said a resident of the city of Berezovsky Anna Fedoseyev. — In winter I have all of the windows insulation fell, cracked the glass in the window, there was a crack in the wall in two fingers.

Seller of one of Berezovsky's stores, says: "Work with drinks dancing, if they fall, it will break the two refrigerators with ice-cream and semi-finished goods. And nutcracker sellers in the explosions grab the counters.

— In wells deteriorated water quality, there was a clay. In older homes are crumbling chimneys — supports local dealer Alexander Olkhovich.

Damage in Berezovsky appear not only in older homes, but also in the newly built cottages. In the mansion Dmitry Khlebnikov there was a huge crack in the entire ceiling in one of the rooms, damaged bearing walls.

In contrast to the suffering of people in other localities Berezovka not only hear the explosions, but there is a "black mushrooms" and a red glow.

Townspeople sent President Plenipotentiary in the Urals Federal District Nikolai Vinnichenko, Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Alexander Misharin and commander Vladimir CVO Chirkin angry letter: "We, the people of Berezovsky, protesting against the destruction of obsolete munitions at the site Red Aduy. Residents of the District bears the brunt of a strong explosion at the landfill. Begin to break down brick houses, there are cracks on the walls and ceilings. We are filled with horror and outrage when we see flashes of red and smoky "mushrooms", as the explosion of the atomic bombs.

We demand an end to the war on the civilian population and prevent disposal of shells, which is harmful to our health and property. Explosions — is many millions of rubles, converted into toxic substances that we have to breathe. We intend to connect the media, we will write to the central government bodies and lift the whole community, if you do not stop these destructive game. "

The Ministry of Industry and Science of the Sverdlovsk region was named acting method of disposal of ammunition mismanagement. According to acting First Deputy Minister of Industry and Science Valeria Turlayev for organizing munitions disposal facilities may be involved specialized industrial enterprises of the region: "The military conduct blasting near Yekaterinburg in violation of the Federal Law" On Protection of the atmosphere. "

The leaders of the military have provided a list of companies that are potential liquidators ammunition FPK "Nizhny Tagil Institute of Metal Testing", FSUE "Chemical Plant" Plant "LLC," Hephaestus-M ", JSC" Rezh mechanical plant. "

In response to Andrew Gagloev said that the conditions of factory directors unfavorable headquarters CVO, so work together to dispose of ammunition is not conducted.

Actions of the military in the destruction of obsolete munitions caused outrage and people from other regions of the country.

The population of the town and village of Kinel Roshchinsky Samara region expresses displeasure that because of explosions Roshinsky range in homes cracks length of two meters. The military said that the work is carried out at a safe distance from population centers.

Residents Chebarkulsky district of Chelyabinsk region complain of tremors. Seismological Commission Institute of Geophysics, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, examined the causes of earthquakes, has come to the conclusion that they were the result of disposal of ammunition on Chebarkul training ground. The villagers Nepryakhin say that they can not live in peace because of the constant explosions that shake the house. At the local school can not conduct lessons from the ceiling plaster is crumbling, children are frightened. The houses are falling door, take off the glass of the windows, people are afraid of the collapse. In one of the buildings of the elevator there was a crack.

At the headquarters of the Central Federal District Chelyabinsk journalists said that the findings of the Institute of Geophysics Seismological Commission, Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences can not be considered objective, since the commission's work was carried out unilaterally without the involvement of military experts.

Sverdlovsk region is not the only place where utilized "by the explosion," the Ministry of Defense ammunition.

Complain of tremors and residents of Volgograd. City "shakes" because of the destruction of ammunition at the range Prudoboy. Administration of the Volgograd region appealed to the commander of the Southern Military District, Lieutenant-General Alexander Galkin to the request to postpone the destruction of ammunition Ashuluk located in the Astrakhan region, where the working conditions which exclude the impact of explosions on the public and residential buildings.

Residents of the left bank of Novosibirsk dissatisfied with the actions of military, producing utilization of outdated ammunition Shilovskikh landfill. In response to the claims of Novosibirsk representative of the Information and Public Relations of the Central Military District Sivokhin Jury said: "You see, it's the president's program for recycling old ammunition, we can not stop the bombings can only reduce it in volume."

The residents of the village of Mosty sad joke: "Three or four months," shake "us — and stay homeless!"

Vitaly Slovetskii

Free Press

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