Do homeless fingerprints on the streets


2.10.12.Departament Social Security will count the homeless in Moscow. Employees mobile patrols will take fingerprints of homeless on the streets. Now raids to concentrations of homeless people from time to time by the police. Found homeless sent to the police station, where they daktiloskopiruyut. Since January 1, 2012 fingerprints homeless shoot in all city shelters. Now social services will do it in the streets.

According to "Izvestia", the Department of Social Welfare buys equipment for fingerprinting to equip mobile services for homeless. 10 mobile brigades "Social Watch" will receive 20 scanners — they will take fingerprints, and compares it with a city-wide database and identify the person. If necessary, a mobile patrol "authorize" in the system, or a new person will make changes to the database.

In the department of Social Security could not quickly give an official comment on the idea with the fingerprinting.

City Mobile Service homeless "Social Watch" has appeared in Moscow three years ago. It works on call and can provide emergency medical care to provide bed and hot food. In addition, in the capital are non-social patrols welfare services to help people who are left without a roof over their head. They can get help anonymously without leaving personal data.

Authorities try to count the homeless to understand how much money is needed to help them, said the center's director of social adaptation "Marfino" Vladimir Pozhidaev.

— Fingerprint will really appreciate the army of homeless people on the streets of Moscow, and determine the amount of funding, — he says.

Another argument for fingerprinting, said Pozhidaev — the need to identify the dead. Those with no papers, no relatives can be identified by fingerprints stored in the database.

— Sometimes it is their only document — says Pozhidaev. — The man puts his finger — and one can see his name, when and where he was born, where his family is on the streets. According to him, this information is recorded with the words of a man then checked.

In state rehabilitation centers homeless now not avoid fingerprinting. According to the rules of these institutions to ask for help currently provides all the information, including fingerprints. Only in this case employees will be engaged in the restoration of the documents for the Homeless and its "re-socialization". Muscovites can be in the center up to a year out of town — a month.

With the advent of mobile devices, fingerprint social patrols will soon supplement the homeless. The list will be able to place and those who still did not get in the city flophouse. Meanwhile, experts say, fingerprinting scares homeless. And so they do not tend to get much in the state institutions.

The head of the charity fund "Just help" Elizaveta Glinka (Dr. Lisa) believes that social services take on other people's functions.

— Convert people through fingerprinting — is the prerogative of the police, not sotspomoschi — said Dr. Lisa.

Formally fingerprinting is voluntary, but in practice it is forced. This negates the role of rehabilitating sotssluzhb, confident Project Manager Fund "Institute for Urban Economics" Elena Kovalenko.

— This measure indicates the movement towards a repressive approach to the problem of homelessness in the approach of social harm, — she said. Emergency services should not be regarded as homeless offenders.

According to various estimates, in Moscow there from 12 thousand to 15 thousand homeless. According to the Department of Social Security, 68% of them have legal housing. Most of the homeless (66%) — nonresident Russians, 14% — Moscow, and 20% — foreign.
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