Do not save the aviation industry — will ruin Russia

Do not save the aviation industry - will ruin Russia

The State should, in the end, make clear its position on the future of Russian aviation industry

Before our eyes is the implementation of the death penalty Russian aviation industry. In the coming months is to be expected with headshots. There is no hesitation that the Russian elite, there are organized group that is not just criminal flegmantichna to the fate of Russian aviation industry, and the 20 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union is actively promoting foreign manufacturers, first "Boeing".

The main point of action of this group was the tragedy of the Yak-42 near Yaroslavl on September 7, was killed when the hockey team "Lokomotiv".

Now most of the formal and informal professionals are inclined to believe that the premise of the tragedy began to act and poor crew training aircraft to fly, that is in no way connected with the design and creation of the Yak-42 — by the way, a reliable and promising aircraft.

But the premise of the tragedy were immediately submitted to the President of the Russian Federation in this Makar, he definitely said about the need to upgrade the fleet regardless of their country of origin: "The government will probably take a very difficult decision, as on so unreal, with the park. The value of human life is higher than all other considerations, including the support of state … If our products are not able to unwind, you need to take the aircraft abroad. "

And after a day or four after the disaster the President approved a list of instructions issued following a meeting of inquiry into the disaster, among which — naizloveschy paragraph 1 to "take urgent measures to ensure the subsidy leasing civilian aircraft, the respective current requirements for airworthiness, regardless of the country — the manufacturer of the aircraft … ".

Of course, this is the same group "boingofilov" could in the Russian president's visit to the U.S. in June of last year to reach with the acquisition of "Boeing" 50 aircraft "Boeing-737" for a total of $ 4 billion, with an option to purchase an additional 15 such aircraft. Incidentally, in an "age" (beginning of operation), "Boeing-737" for four years older than repeatedly berated the Tu-154, and in the middle of the 1990s. this model is "Boeing" has been officially recognized as the most dangerous and alarming in the world.

In the end, the joint with the Russian president's press conference, U.S. President Barack Obama proudly reported on the outcome of the summit talks: Our homeland buys U.S. 50 "Boeing" that, with even more proud that Obama, America will provide 44,000 additional skilled jobs.

Furthermore, it was decided to develop a "Skolkovo" a branch of CB "Boeing", where 600 of our designers will work "inzhenegrami" not on the Russian aviation industry, and the "managed to unwind" "Boeing". Previously, it is estimated that about 4,000 Russian aircraft designers and engineers for 20 years with the collapse of the Soviet Union were recruited "Boeing", including to remote employment with the sending of jobs and sending them on the web. This method, unlike the gentle "brain drain" can be directly described as "vykachku drain", in comparison with which the industrial espionage looks like child's play.

The general situation reflects directly anecdotal (if not the tragedy of what is happening) nedavneshnee statement of the president of Russian Development Bank (VEB) Vladimir Dmitriev that in Russia Tipo unable to create a regional aviation, and the need now to organize in Russia the creation of the respective aircraft, in partnership with foreign companies . That is, it is, in fact, an open passage to the "screwdriver assembly" is not only the cars, and planes, much less that the initiative is taken by 70% imported and "boingovogo" origin raspiareny Sukhoi Superjet.

Experts have criticized his heart's content "Sochi fantasy" Dmitrieva, but the situation has become final is clear: it is time to give the Russian aviation industry ends, freeing up space and unique super-expensive markets in the U.S., the EU, Brazil, China, etc.

In the world before nedavneshnih has had 5 states that have been able to create major civilian and military aircraft and produce their full service. Our homeland came into this by the first or second of favorite roles. But after the defeat of Germany in the second world war has not come — even with its national engineering genius.

Russia is now willing to make a beaten Germany. Perhaps it is — a natural consequence of our geopolitical defeat and practical transformation in the colony, the object of imperial partition. Imperial section — not a figure of speech, and the fact which no one is hiding.

According to the report posted a week back euro aircraft manufacturer Airbus, for the next 20 years Russian airlines will acquire 1,006 passenger aircraft with a capacity of 100 seats a total cost of $ 95 billion. With all of this Airbus, according to the executive vice-president of the European aviapromovskoy empire is going to realize we were "at least the last half of all deliveries made during this period liners!" And earlier South American aerospace concern Boeing has also published its own forecast that airlines of Russia and the CIS states in the coming 20 years will procure over 1,000 new aircraft. And it is precisely Boeing expects at least another half left over from Airbus!

Here it is — the moment of truth! We are already there, our aviapromovskoe field quite cleansed and ready for the Russian aviation finansovlozheny and foreign investment only in the aviation industry. And two global aviaimperii openly share the Russian market.

And then there is a number of primary issues.

Why do Airbus and Boeing counted every future Russian aircraft? Why do we not have one in the government count? And if so, why has not created a new Russian aircraft industry — even more so that the sample volume and the rate of renewal of the fleet were known and more than 10 years ago? That is why the Russian government is already unsubscribed those voiced "Airbus' $ 95 billion (unique superrynok!) Foreign corporations?

There are no answers.

But then there are others, just firing squad and questions of who passed the Russian aviation industry? Name? What bureaucrats directly sold and for how much, and finished off the Russian aviation industry?

Categorical nature of these issues should be at least from the fact that the policy of eliminating Russian aircraft industry in the emerging situation, the huge domestic market and demand was completely clear already at least 10 years ago.

To factually correct quote from his own article for April 2002 "World disgrace … Who will stop the final settlement of Russian aviation?": "Where is our" Unity ", which is unrealistic, as the" United Russia ", if the country will ensure unity on foreign airlines airplanes and integrated zabugornye Aviasistemy? .. Russian aviation industry is rapidly destroyed, outstanding designers, engineers and workers quickly grow old and no longer rely almost anything. Western aircraft industry quickly organizes international markets, assimilating and digesting and "one-sixth of a short name of the Rus'.

Our favorite airline, Mr. V.Okulov, son of BN Yeltsin
(by the way, since 2008 — Deputy Minister of Transport! — Comm. Aut.), So that's how seven years knows the most published in the media that the Russian aircraft are not suitable for international flights, and in the last two years he has been in open reports on the inadequacy of the Russian civilian aircraft for domestic flights. Oh, that's like 6 years old, he also loves each year to emphasize the urgency of the situation: that the aircraft need not tomorrow, but for now, we can not expect. And once does not buy Russian planes more like a repeat cardiac concern in his voice, he says, that still can be done, if for some reason our aircraft manufacturers are not able to create the necessary planes …

The reasoning airlines and government is still argument merchants who are not interested in the Russian state aviation system. More precisely, even disinterested, but simply indifferent to dealing with other matters. And if merchants can understand (their business — profit), that specifically state machinery is guilty of the shame shame globally, of which we are witnesses.

There just did not invent arguments over the years the highest face! And all the arguments — in favor of purchasing zabugornye aircraft and aviation industry to feed the west. And none of the 1st — that restore and develop Russian.

All discussions about the plight of the country, a lack of funds or simply funny, precisely, unconscionable … ".

And it's all been written before the "fat" petrodollar's first decade! Amazingly, all of the arguments of imported lobby killer Russian aircraft industry and 15 years are the same: the planes are needed right now, at this moment, this very second, because an urgent need to take overseas. Under these sweet songs of traitors has been more than 10 years, during which it was necessary to maintain and build the Russian aviation industry. The market of $ 95 billion over the next 20 years, now openly given over to the side and discusses the foreigners!

In particular, is the situation just with regional jets, which the president has attended VEB Vladimir Dmitriev.

In the same article, in April 2002, based on official statements of air carriers and governments who have argued that there needs trivial Russian airlines in the aircraft between 2001 and 2015. aircraft in 1202, of which 53 — long-haul, 215 — medium-, 149 — and 785 short-haul — regional, I asked, "childish" question: Who in the government is already figured into these pieces to the desired power needs costed Russian Aviation Industry? Who plans the development of this market in the interest of the country?

But even then it was obvious that no one was going to solve this simple traditional puzzle on drawing up a business plan. And, now of course, mathematically clear that the demand for regional and medium-haul aircraft for 15 years, approximately $ 1 billion per year (ie, at least $ 15 billion), the government was left to the side, to the left.

What is happening here? That was kind of kindergarten as the meeting of the Security Council of the Russian Federation "On Aviation" on April 1 of the current year, during which almost the main event was the fixation: we can now create at least seven (!) Aircraft per year. Who are individually responsible for these years in the murder of the Russian aircraft industry? When the speech ended zaviralnye great people who are not just out of logic and awareness, but also are smoke zaavesyu for killing our aviation industry in favor of Boeing and Airbus?

The essence of what is happening with striking precision is reflected in the use of the President of the Russian Federation such a word as "unwind". Again, let me remind you, "If our unable to unwind, you need to take the aircraft abroad."

It seems that the president gives with all this valuable clue for prosecutors and the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, the Chamber and commissions — the government, parliament and others.

You just need to find out who is right in the last 15 years, and by virtue of what made the situation motives by which our were "not able to unwind." After all still very well aware that the aviation industry — no natural disaster, which is itself "unwound", "twisted", etc., the main thing you need to unwind — standing orders for planes. But exactly this-that under different (usually, a mocker) pretexts and deprived our aviation industry.

Cool dialogue recalls Henry V. Novozhylov, past General Designer of them. Ilyushin organizer, development and production of IL-76, IL-86, IL-96 and IL-300-114, twice Hero of Socialist Labor. First 2000s. he asked the German Gref municipal guarantees to support companies as appropriate and in the country of the regional aircraft IL-114, "Gref — I said Gref. — I do not ask you money, I'm guarantee that this plane will need it! ". — "Henry V., our airlines feeble muscles. As they get stronger, then we can talk about the guarantees. " I answered him: "When your airline stronger, we happily extend a leg."

Before us — the whole essence of the murder of Russian aviation technology from high-level officials. Municipal spouse replaced in order to implement the country's ability to maintain and aviation industry, compassionate knows the difficulties airlines. At this time, the management of airlines (especially inventive there are always different Okulov) is aware of the difficulties of passengers on Russian planes. But the reality in all of this mercantile Trepe is always on one thing — the game in favor of the "Boeing" and "Airbus".

By the way, specifically Gref is the creator of the idea raschudesno Tipo elimination of the Russian aircraft industry in the name of saving lives. At a government meeting in September 2005, Gref called on members of the Cabinet of Ministers "to take urgent action on duty (for import of aircraft)," since (note you are present at the birth of the majestic idea!) "No industry can not be built at the cost of people's lives." He explained attaining the prestige of the aviation industry and its comparison with the Russian car industry: "If we produce our pochetaemye" Lada "and" Volga ", which refers to people" tin cans ", at least they can be driven at a speed of 40 km / h and to minimize the loss of but it's a plane, it is flying. "

Those in the municipal posts, who all these years working hard on someone else's aviation industry, enjoying depict the situation of failure of orders for Russian aircraft as a result of market relations between airlines and aircraft manufacturers. This anti-state manner to present the matter as a dispute equidistant businesses well known to raider attacks. Bureaucrat, too, in these cases, does in pilatovski detached face and says: "Understand yourself, the government can not interfere here, this is a dispute between economic entities». With all of this all know very well that without the participation of municipal officials raiding is simply unrealistic. And most importantly, that this government is so embarrassed about as needed to force airlines to take the Russian planes, suddenly finds indescribable wolfish grin and dynamism when you need to punch another lowering of duties on the import of foreign aircraft.

But the most important thing is that a special set of things that need "now, at this moment, this very minute." Although saying that if even a moment, our industry can not ensure the supply of ships, it does not mean that it is not necessary to give a tough job industry for a period of 3, 5, 7 years old! This lack of re-planning the aviation industry — the main failure of the country and the main bandit thief logic of those officials who work in the opponent's aviation industry.

Symbolically, the first decade of the XXI cent
ury in the Russian aviation began stubborn statements Okulov (then — president of "Aeroflot") on the need to rely on the acquisition of foreign aircraft. 2nd year the second decade ends with the same slogans such as Okulov! Immediately after the crash near Yaroslavl now deputy head of the Ministry of Transport Valery Okulov (Sovereign people!) As if nothing had happened as stated: "Today (!) Is the only (!) Way to update and complete equipment for regional and local airlines — is the acquisition of air zabugornyh courts. "

Aviation industry — developed industrial base of the country, the base of national security. Because no one is surprised that his "Boeing" and "Airbus" pushing senior executives of leading countries, as, namely, Obama in the summer of last year when we were 50 professional vparil obsolete "Boeing". Specifically, thanks to the strategic planning of the saturated and the promotion and protection of own aircraft industry, Boeing and Airbus was able to "do it", ie, "unwind."

Moreover, we have more than their good examples of how the aviation industry is able to unwind. This, namely, according to the ordinary and majestic number of volumes and rates of growth of production of combat aircraft in the years majestically Russian War — from 7900 in 1941 to over 40,000 in 1944. In just four years the increase was 5 times! In general, before the war in just 5 years (!), From 1933 to 1938., The amount produced in the Soviet Union Russian aircraft grown by 5.5 times!

The situation with the aircraft industry has become a major aspect of the diagnostic capacity and power of the country. Will finish the aviation industry — which means the sentence imposed and the country.

In our particular situation, after a huge backlog in the Russian aviation in the period and the importance of aviation for the Russian space connectivity, murder means killing Russian aircraft industry and machine building industry as a whole in conjunction with an engineering estate as such, the final slide of in the number of feral deindustrializovannyh States. Specifically aviation industry first XXI century is the unique industry that ensures the reproduction of the whole Russian industry competitive and retention of culture and the very possibility of creating the world's products.

Discontinuation of own aircraft inevitably entail and stop the 10-s industries for the production of devices, equipment, airport equipment, systems, maintenance, spare parts, training and retraining Professor, etc., that will knock and other "volatile" areas — Moreover, space and defense industry as a whole. For the aviation industry has tumbled down quite all the technosphere country.

The less we will create a Russian aircraft, the faster we go for the purchase of foreign weapons and even rockets for peaceful space. Well, either they're done flying, will become increasingly explode and fall.

Accordingly, there is another caveat — the military. No separate military aircraft industry does not happen. Aviation industry, or is, or it disappears, along with the ability to create sophisticated technique and the full range of its software. Aviation is a crucial factor in modern warfare. It was clear in 1932, when the Italian General Giulio Douhet published his famous book "The rule in the air." This is all the more clear now, after the "Desert Storm" in Kuwait, "Enduring Freedom" in Afghanistan, the defeat of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya and now here.

Aviation is not a military or civilian, small or large. Or she is in a state of full scale, the ability of the country to design and produce all types and aircraft, or it is not, even if it is, the creation of individual aeronautical products. Because more than surprising, to say the least, when the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Russian Federation says: "Then so unreal, with the park. The value of human life is higher than all other considerations, including the support of state … If our products are not able to unwind, you need to take the aircraft abroad. "

Loss of state aircraft sovereignty means not only the loss of the defense, and direct "Africanization" of.

I will never forget, as a writer and past resident of Russian intelligence in several African countries, Igor Prelin at one point as clearly and vividly explained to me how global power is different from some rotting of the global periphery. And it is, in turn, in an African capitals explained his French officer, counterintelligence. "Look, — says this Frenchman — that pilot Jean. African. He — a terrific pilot, sorcerer and wizard in control of the aircraft may operate certain aircraft better at least some pilots from Europe, the Soviet Union or the United States. But ask him where do these "iron bird", you need to ensure that they were flying — he did not respond. For him, they grow up ("unwind"!) As though bananas or some other grass, mature and fly across the ocean. "

Our youth we'll just transform into resilient idiots who have no idea how to make airplanes and other prominent industrial stuff, what with all this requires universities and research institutes, decades and centuries to learn how to make them, as a whole organized system of state industry that, in fact, and "grows" very long decades the national capacity to create.

Society it is time to organize themselves to protect their own aircraft industry. I propose to make a coalition with indifferent exemplary entitled "Society and support the development of Russian aviation industry." Main objectives of the Society could be the re-creation of the design and engineering, the production of culture, and the organization of public pressure on government officials to order Russian aircraft and the support of the Russian aircraft industry.

A State should, in the end, make clear its position on the future of Russian aviation industry with a number of mandatory assessment of actions of officials and ministries in the past 15 years. To do this, you need to urgently carry out follow-up activities:

— To organize a government commission to investigate the events of the collapse of the Russian aircraft industry and identify persons and organizations engaged in lobbying foreign aviation industry;

— RF TFR open investigation into the targeted elimination of the Saratov Aviation Plant, who published, namely, the Yak-42 that crashed near Yaroslavl;

— Chamber of Accounts to conduct a strategic audit of the government's decisions on the aviation industry Russian Federation in 2005-2011.;

— Ministry of Economic Development to present a strategic plan for the export of products in the Russian aviation industry 2012-2035 gg.;

— The Government of the Russian Federation to submit a draft presidential decree Russian Federation on the state plan of release of products on Russian aircraft industry 2012-2025 gg. with the proposal of the state project "Sovereign aviation" and the definition of individually responsible for the creation of a new aviation industry;

— State Duma to adopt the Law "On Organization of Russian aviation industry in the years 2012-2025.".

That the present government is able to do this?

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