Do not think of stew down …

Do not think of stew down ...Do not stop to wonder what is true in Russia organized by the democratic system and transparency: at least some people who believe that the country is all right, can not say it out loud. Only now the people who are confident in working, our government, to say the least, and often do not support calls that are not alarmists, not the minions of Western intelligence agencies. One has only to express dissatisfaction with their own boss, even if reason for this is more than obvious as the words turn to express rights in the landmark enemy of the people.

The situation with the Major, and now a former Major Internal Troops, Matveev to complete the proof. The soldier, love of truth and Pravdorub decided to step as we love to read, over the head of his own management, and sent a video message Chapter country that in one of the units of Primorye fighter fed dog food instead of corned beef. Matveev carefully removed the camera re-stuck labels showed past-due canned food, also gave material that reside in the barracks Chinese migrant workers. For obvious reasons, at least some people in Russia who decided on such a step, probably about something strongly quarreled with his superiors. In another case, hack plain truth prudent average Russian is unlikely for yourself can afford. Well, sort of anyway, the movie Major Matveeva made a lot of noise is not only in Russia, but also abroad. In general, all waited for fair dismissals in the leadership of the part where he served Matveev, with the institution of criminal proceedings against those who have committed such a "proxy" and the resettlement of Chinese goods. And indeed criminal cases followed, precisely say one criminal case, with all this in the address of the major Matveeva. Nezapyatannoy on how we can be in Russia, chance after a controversial video address to the President Matveyev, immediately identified the most coarse violation of the very major. It was found that Maj. this — a real tyrant and zapivoha, which could not live a single day or that no cause beating his subordinates and not to "cut bitter." With all this, there were also slaves, which, it turns out, beat intoxicated Major Matveev. Not a lot of questions the different media, all the soldiers, conscripts in the far eastern part, in one voice declared that the service they like, but that's Maj. Matveev serve excellent way.

The point here is sent to the tribunal, and the most incorruptible and humane world tribunal handed down a guilty verdict against Major: 4 years prison and stripped of his rank. You can imagine for yourself how little hands rubbing his command of the ill-fated military unit.

Do not think of stew down ...Niskolechko not justify major Matveeva, if it really blows struck his comrades, hunting all the same note, why is "innocent beating" have to testify against Matveeva immediately after the scandal with stewed meat. Allow me to believe that clean water is a coincidence. Apparently, the conflict in parts smoldered for a long time, and everything fit into the framework of the "gentlemen's agreement". According to this agreement must be major silent about the "tin" facts, and the management turned a blind eye to the system of relations between the parts of the military. But, as the saying goes, how much rope does not veysya …

From this situation, it can be concluded following kind: it turns out that if the recent management of the Internal Troops in Primorye, and there will be, in turn, removed from office and prosecuted, it is a real precedent. According to the current tendency to speak about the facts of bureaucratic arbitrariness in our country was once again not only not popular, and very unsafe. It turns out that the soldiers had to eat dog food, look at how close to them in the barracks of Chinese migrant workers asleep and silent. It turns out that running a saying: "punkt1: the boss is always right, point2, if still wrong, then see point 1." Then all of us to be congratulated on the fact that we have entered the era of the modern partocracy, bureaucratic arbitrariness and full of corruption. Many rightly see: "Did we come out of it? .." This statement, too, is not without reason.

The case of the replacement of beef stew dog food in Primorye — is far not the only fact of fraud economical means in the Russian army. Just Major Matveeva can already be considered a collective image of the person who took out a bureaucratic problem of the bottom of this and showed it to the public.

At the same areas of the Far Eastern Federal neighborhood this year opened a colossal fraudulent scheme by which the bureaucrats of the Ministry of Defence in its sole discretion to manage the land department. Suddenly it became clear that in plots created for the construction of housing for military personnel, under the guise of such dwellings are built several shopping centers. Those generals, under which construction began, has long been in retirement, and today claim that they misuse of the land, it became clear very late. And now it turns out that supermarkets should just leave alone — well, not demolish them as the truth. It turns out that someone had warmed his hands, and his own major Matveeva in that part was not.

In the suburbs a few years after the deal on a complete set of combat aircraft, it became clear that, under the patronage of the 1st of military officers instead of new parts for the MiG-29 over the limit selling used parts / y. The scandal erupted after the aircraft operated in Algeria, somehow surprisingly behaved after the repair. Bureaucrat with the case "raped" a couple of million bucks, and while the Algerian military found a "trick", he had to leave and go abroad.

If we talk about fraud smaller, their one can found in almost every second of the military unit. The soldiers of army units in charge of procurement, may instead give the newest form of the personnel of the form in which grown no generation of murine families. As a money-saving "in their own pockets" in army canteens can simply bake your bread soaked in water remaining unsold grain mass. A similar version of the 'economy' of fuel, too, can tell a lot of stories. If you want to take the platoon soldier for the construction of the next general's summer residence — the fuel is, and for going to the range for target practice — "salyary" of course not.

Oh, how much more should our army majors Matveev to reform its not on paper. Only now the problem is that these majors, captains and warrant officers may be many, and court cases against them, as well as the free drug in our country are also missing.

* Military Unit (wp) — Organizational independent combat, training, administrative and economic unit in the Armed Forces (AF).
Not to be confused with a military unit — a term for the open parts of the names, departments and agencies of compounds.

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